Planning to cause, play and win a Machine Uprising – will this work?

stellaris 1 - Planning to cause, play and win a Machine Uprising - will this work?

I'm not sure how reliable the wiki page is anymore, as it is for a previous version. As it is, my desired result is a Rogue Servitor empire in a small to medium sized, well defended space, including several Ecumenipoli and the end result of The Worm loving a Random Trinary I home system, as well as a pretty good biotrophy race and contact with the Shroud.

So far the plan is to put midgame date pretty far back letting me prepare for the Uprising is a way that it can win, get the stuff I describe above, and that it's not stomped by enemies until then. The details i have so far:

  • Starting race: Desert preference (for more generator districts on guaranteed planets), Intelligent, Natural Engineers, Communal, Decadent, Weak.
  • Starting Empire: Xenophobe, Pacifist, Materialist. Inward Perfection, Technocracy. Democratic, if that's still the government form resulting in the most borders being opened to my science ships. Random Trinary I home system.
  • Mods used: Either nothing at all if I try going for the Queening achievement, or Glavius AI and something that makes Habitats useful and removes the stupid "can only build one megastructure at a time" limit – I'll be rolling in alloys, I'd like to spend it. Though I'm interested in more suggestions here.
  • Expansion goals: getting Dark Matter, Living Metal (I'm quite willing to savescum those anomalies), Zro and an L-gate within a space I can claim and secure with 3-4 chokepoints. Might take a few restarts. Also, science ship access to 2 Black Holes.
  • Ascension Perks: Technological Ascendancy, Executive Vigor, Arcology Project, One Vision, Mind Over Matter (I'll spam hiring scientists with Psionic Expertise), Transcendence, Galactic Force Projection, Grasp of the Void. The first is self-explanatory, second to save up influence to running the science edict and building Ecumenopolises, 3rd self-explanatory, 4th to get the rest sooner, 5&6 for Psionic trait and the Shroud, hopefully I'll be able to use it as a Machine empire if I inherit it from the contact list. 7&8 are to build up naval cap (determining the size of the spawned Machine armada) in ways that don't create a bazillion ground troops.
  • Many rural worlds with generator districts as well as mining, all workers robots, minimal reliance on trade. No fortresses except on border planets. That way the machines can quickly secure enough income to maintain a positive budget.
  • Synths in Servitude everywhere, with Domestic Protocols, doing eventually all non-research work. That way conquering a planet will give the machines more work force, not just more bio-trophies.
  • Force-spawning the Horizon Signal event chain by setting all idle science ships to patrol between black holes, once the initial rush of exploration is done. Get up to a dozen tomb worlds in my home system, as well as Tomb World Adaptation trait for my species.
  • Build only enough ships to scare away troublesome xenos, be at max starbase capacity with anchorages inside my Empire.
  • Once midgame year comes, be a dick to the robots but don't try disassembly as that increases the odds of Determined Exterminator civic for the Uprising.
  • Once the uprising happens, delete my fleet, switch to the machines by the event, make some ground troops and quickly take all but one planets and every shipyard, then with a secured budget take the border bastions then and only then the last planet, winning the war and taking all territory.
  • As the Machines, take the Machine Worlds, Voidborne, Galactic Wonders and Master Builders perks, make some ringworlds to feed the bio-trophies and terraform all non-ecumenopolis planets into Machine Worlds.

So, do y'all think this might work?

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