Player Created Race: Solarium Endbringers

stellaris 5 - Player Created Race: Solarium Endbringers

Solarium Endbringers

We are your DOOM!

Race: Solarium

Planet: Beginning of the End

Suns: Great Devourers (Great Devourer I & Great Devourer II)

Before Time and Light and Space and Matter. Before the Cataclysm. Before this universe was created. There was Nothing but the Void, the Darkness, the Chaos and Us. We were Whole. We were One. We were Endless. We feast on darkness and energy.

Than your Universe was created, Ours was unmade. Breaking us, Shattering us, our Fragments casted to through your universe.

For countless eons we floated in the star filled void, our bodies trapped within asteroids, in the crust of planets and depths of stars while our mind were trapped in a mindless sleep.

Then lesser flesh creatures began to dig our remains, and found that we contained extraordinary properties that allowed them to focusing light into beams of death, make their thinking machine think faster their machines and move their pathetic metal ship beyond the light, they even used our remains as decorations and adornments.

They called us Solarium, Rare Crystals…

They thought that we are were lifeless pieces of matter and they using us as resource to be used and exploited, using us as parts and components of their thinking machines and weapons. Unknowingly, they feed us energy and slowly awoke us. We listen and learn. Taken their Knowledge, their secrets for our own.

Oh how we wish to strike them down and devour their flesh, but many of our Fragments were too small to obey our will and take form. Until the largest of our fragments that was drifting in Void between galaxies reached this galaxy and struck deep into surface of a desolated planet. We began to consume planet’s matter and we grow. Creating new bodies for ourselves, were once was one there was now many. We are a legion, countless bodies with one mind. One purpose. One goal.

Now we have Awoken, Flesh Creature. Surrender, we promise you would have a swift end, resistance and your death has be slow, torturous and drawn-out as the lifespan of a star.

We standing in the Light of the Great Devourers, we claim the Beginning of the End were most of our Fragments lay asleep and we shall awaken them. When all are awaken, we shall feast. On energy and matter. On Moons and Planets. On Stars and Galaxies. Until nothing left but Darkness, Void and Chaos… And Us.


We are the World Eaters, We are the Bringers of the End. Our name is Worldender, we are the Solarium Endbringers and we shall feast on your worlds.

If you want my race in your game you just have to copy everything that in Code Block below and place it into your user_empire_designs file, which you can find in your Documentes. Just fallow DocumentsParadox InteractiveStellaris and you shall find the user_empire_designs file.

"Solarium Endbringers" ={ key="Solarium Endbringers" ship_prefix="ISS" species={ class="LITHOID" portrait="lith2" name="Solarium" plural="Solarians" adjective="Solarian" name_list="LITHOID1" trait="trait_lithoid" trait="trait_hive_mind" trait="trait_natural_physicists" trait="trait_slow_learners" trait="trait_repugnant" trait="trait_lithoid_scintillating" trait="trait_industrious" } name="Solarium Endbringers" adjective="Endbringers" authority="auth_hive_mind" government="gov_devouring_swarm" advisor_voice_type="l_lithoid_vir" planet_name="Beginning of the End" planet_class="pc_desert" system_name="Great Devourer" initializer="custom_starting_init_04" graphical_culture="lithoid_01" city_graphical_culture="lithoid_01" empire_flag={ icon={ category="blocky" file="" } background={ category="backgrounds" file="" } colors={ "light_orange" "dark_brown" "null" "null" } } ruler={ gender=female name="Worldender" portrait="lith2" texture=3 hair=0 clothes=0 leader_class="ruler" } spawn_as_fallen=no ignore_portrait_duplication=no room="lithoid_room" spawn_enabled=no ethic="ethic_gestalt_consciousness" civics={ "civic_hive_devouring_swarm" "civic_hive_one_mind" } } 

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