Playing the Hive!

stellaris 2 - Playing the Hive!

This is a brief tutorial for all of you drones that got somehow disconected from our consciousness. (without resorting to devouring swarm)


Fast early pop growth


Good starting influence gain

Hive worlds provide an incredible boost to resources mid-late game, provided you have pops

Livestock slavery! i dont know about other empires, but i love


No factions. Yeah, those give lots of influence

No good way of getting unity. Sounds pretty dumb since the concept of hive is being united behind the general conscuisness

Mid/late game slow pop growth. This is just a feeling i get, did not run the numbers

Only 1 ascenssion path available

Lack of civics

Probably some other things to be added, but this is my first guide so bare with me.

Civics to select:

-Divided Attention ( +20 Administrative Cap )

-Whatever you want, they are all pretty bad, i use: −15% Pop Amenities Usage.

At start:

-Select food policy to nutritional plenitud +33% pop growth (this is to get more pops, duh)

-Select production plicy to extraction focus +20% menial dron output (this is to compensate the food policy and get more minerals for research labs)

-Set default species rights to slavery!

-Destroy your corvettes. You have no piracy, no need to have them wasting resources standing there

Since we dont have any consumer goods, we can play a tall style gaining really good and fast tech early on, Divided attention will provide us with sufficient adm cap to let us get a whole lot of systems to gather minerals for our research labs, build tons of those!

During the first 50 years or so try to avoid wars, your goal is to get plasma launchers asap, so get as much minerals from systems and tech from your capital and guaranteed planets as possible, dont worry much about food, buy it from market if needed, with the systems you should have enough energy credits to sustain your research labs

Once you get plasma launchers, you are ready to safelly go to war! At this point your tech should be way better than the rest of the galaxies, except for ancients and marauders ofc.

Use your influence to claim on a rival colony planet, try to pick a rival that matches your planetary type.

Build corvettes with mass drivers to take down those shields and destroyers with point defense and plasma launchers to take down space ports missiles and their armor and hull.


Declare war! the objective of this war is to get pops to use as livestock, this is why having them being from a similar planetary type is important, since either you will relocate them into your worlds or you will keep theirs and want to have an ambassador there lol.

Once you get their claimed colonies, food should start falling from the skies!

Livestock are tricky, so you will have to learn how to treat them hahaha, no need to worry about deviancy, just build tons maintnence depots to have raise that stability and you are good to go! Deviancy will lower your stability by -30 every now and then, so aim high with those depots! DO NOT PAY THEM WITH FOOD, let them be deviant, you can only have 4 deviants per planet so nothing to worry about!

Now you should have enough tech and economic power to hold some years, this part is a bit boring since you basically just have to wait. keep on building colonies to get more pop growth, just dont develop those planets to keep yourself below adm cap. Keep on getting pops as food, just dont overextend yourself.

We are now waiting for two things and this is why staying below adm cap is important: Hive does not get a lot of unity and the penalty for going over adm cap on unity is very severe! We are waiting for ascenssion path level 2 and hive worlds!

With ascenssion path we will be able to turn our colonies and specialice them even more. if you are running low on food, start with making your stolen pops as delicious, very strong and comunal. More tech is always welcome, rapid breeders, erudites etc on your research planets. rapid breeders everywhere!

With hive worlds we will start terraforming those planets which are within our borders and we cant colonize, note that you cannot have livestock in hiveworld planets. This should be by 2300-ish, three hiveworlds should sufice at first, food is already covered by livestock, so energy and minerals are our goal now.

With Ascenssion path level 2, we can assimilate pops into our empire, so its time to start getting more pops!

At this point you should be builind your fleets according to needs and enemies, your tech should be the highest since you never stopped building and upgrading labs. You can start turning some labs off and turning some alloy fundries on now.

Fuck the cap!

Build ships, war, get pops, assimilate or use as livestock, populate hive worlds, build alloy fund, repeat.

The galaxy should be ours now!

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