[Playstyle] How do you play without Resettle?

stellaris 2 - [Playstyle] How do you play without Resettle?


Since the release of 2.2 Resettle became a staple thing to use for me, because it just opens up so many management possibilities. E.g. if I have 3-4 colonies I can funnel their growth into one with Resettle to speed up it's development into normal world. Also if there's a colony/planet I don't want to bother with for a time (e.g. not many useful districts, bad modifiers, etc) I can just use them to grow pop and resettle it to planets I'm working with. This way I make some well developed worlds early into the game.

Then, I decided to play Egalitarian for a change and I was unable to use Resettle, which freaked me out a bit. Later I learned that Egalitarian aren't banned from Resettle, just their standart policy is to disallow it. Still, I ended up playing without it. It was horrible. Instead of the usual 3-4 developed worlds and 3-4 colonies I basically had a capital and 8 semi-useless colonies that were in a various state of development. Only by about 2230 some of them had finally graduated from being colonies.

Consequences are:

  • can't increase early science, because science labs can't be built on colonies. With Resettle I could had unlocked an extra slot on homeworld. With Resettle I could had also graduated one of the colonies ASAP and built a lab here. Wihout resettle? I'm stuck with non-growing Homeworld and a dozen of defunct colonies.
  • unoptimal usage of districts and buildings. E.g. I see an unemployed citizen and build a district for him. If I was playing normally I would had just resettled another unemployed citizen from another colony, but without Resettle I'd have to build a district for him too. It may seem like a small thing, but this adds up a lot.
  • can't specialize planets early. With Resettle you can decide on which planet becomes what, without resettle you're building a generator district on your agri-world because you have two unemployed citizens but don't need any more food.
  • overall slower pop growth, because colonies stay as colonies for longer and each colony got a 50% growth penalty.
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At some point it struck me that Pop will move to where the jobs are (yeah, took an inspiration from IRL here) and decided to check if creating a surplus of jobs would work in Stellaris. In short, it works somewhat, but not very efficient. Each free Job is +5 Immigration Pull, and each uneployed citizen is +5 Emigration Push. It's a very slow mechanic to work with, as opposed to Resettle.

If anyone knows how to properly play around not being able to resettle – please share.

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