Please make factions choose their leaders more intelligently.

stellaris 1 - Please make factions choose their leaders more intelligently.

Because honestly I'm sick of militarist factions being founded by random scientists or pro-democracy factions being founded by my emperor.

  • Imperialist Militarist Factions should always choose an Admiral first, a Govenor second and a General third.

  • Progressive Egalitarian Factions should never be founded by authoritan rulers or govenors in an authoritan empire.

  • Prosperity Pacifist Factions should be founded by Governors above all else.

  • Technologist Materialist Factions should always be founded by Scientists.

  • Totalitarian Authoritarian Factions should be founded either by the Authoritarian Ruler or an Authoritarian Govenor.

  • Traditionalist Spiritualist Factions need no real change.

  • Xenoist Xenophilic Factions don't either.

  • Supremacist Xenophobic Factions should be founded by Generals first, then Rulers and then Govenors. They should also NEVER choose a xeno as their leader.

  • Isolationist Xenophobic Factions should be weighted against an active Admiral or General, and against Scientists. Same here. no Xenos.

I don't even know why factions even have a leader. Probably so they have an impact on election… but then, that could just be "Is sponsored by x faction" instead of being their leader. Honestly, the leaders should be randomly generated like Envoys instead of choosing a random leader.

I also wouldn't be against some more diverse factions, such as:

  • Seperatist Factions – For recently conquered empires demanding secession from the empire and the reestablishment of a sovereign state or of a vassalized state

  • Unions – the Enforcers, the Workers, Scientists, Artisans, Metallurgists, etc. Would generally improve Happiness and productivity, but if one becomes too powerful, like the Enforcers, they begin to cause the opposite effect

  • Transhumanist factions – remove the ascension paths from the ethos factions and put them in here. three factions that evolve as you take their perks – Transhumanist, Psion and Genetic Freedom factions (So the Psion faction for example would progress like this: "Psionic Research Initiative" – wants more research into psionics and the first ascension perk. -> "Institute for the Transmundane" – wants the second ascension perk and as many psionic leaders as possible -> "Conclave of Telepaths" – wants to explore the Shroud and have its boons, will be very happy with a Covenant and a Chosen One, who is always its leader)

  • Monster Hunter Factions – remove the Leviathan effects from the ethos factions and stick them in here, as well as temporary boni for killing spaceborne lifeforms, and permanent boni for totally wiping them out

  • Green Factions – Advocate for allowing natural blockers to remain, the conservation of spaceborne life, the restoration of Tomb Worlds and hate Ecumenopolises and Megastructures such as the Dyson Sphere

  • Rebel Factions – have a materialist empire but a Chosen One? They might just start a religion. Recently conquered a fanatic purifier? They might start a terrorist organisation. Conquered a Machine Empire? Maybe some of the drones managed to cobble together a rudimentary gestalt that doesn't know what the hell is going on,

I was honestly a bit disappointed with factions when they were introduced.

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