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stellaris 7 - Pop Growth Mechanics

As an avid Vicky player, I can't say enough how much I love the update. Once the kinks get worked out, I think it will be clear that 2.2 made Stellaris into the game it's always wanted to be.

However, I have issue with the pop growth mechanics.

I don't understand why there can only be one pop growing at a time. Shouldn't each species grow independently, just kind of from a logic stand point? In a more gamey sense, why is pop growth universal? In my opinion, it should clearly be a species modifier and then a planetary modifier should stack on top of this. Right now, every empire still grows pops at a fairly similar rate because of these strange design choices. Seems to me that you should be able to have a fast growing, heavily populated empire if you have the right species traits, habitable planets, food abundance, etc. Multiethnic empires would also be more interesting if each race had distinct growth rates, and this would create a much more interesting political situation as well if ethics and species are tied together in an empire.


The same is true in reverse as well. Why can only one pop die at a time? If there is a food shortage, siege, poor habitation conditions, etc there should be simultaneous pop die off.

I think that if the pop growth mechanics were tweaked in these ways, the economy would finally be complete.

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