Possible Leviathan Ideas?

stellaris 2 - Possible Leviathan Ideas?


As you enter a random Trinary system, your science ships will notice something very interesting about the system. All its planets have been broken! You will receive a message about this and the only button says:' this does not look good'

And then, you see it. A gargantuan worm like creature that is ringing itself around the three suns.

The following message will display, something like: A monstrous being circles the center of the system, and with its giant mouth, it appears to be the being that destroyed all those planets, and appears to currently be eating something, but the scientist can't make any sense of it. The end button states: Is it looking at us? Before your scienceship gets destroyed.

It has about 24k in fleet power, with a massive amount of armor, but no shields. It is also both slow to fire and will be shit at evasion. however, its weapon is powerful enough to destroy any ship it hits, and it never misses.

When contacting the curators, you ask them about it, and they will state that it appears to be the mother of the planetary worm creatures that occasionally destroy planets and devour them. They aren't sure where it came from, perhaps from another galaxy, or another reality, they don't know for sure. When asked how to defeat the thing, they will state that ouroboros is unique as it doesn't truly have a brain to speak of, and acts more out of instinct than anything. They will state how a previous group once tricked the creature into consuming its own tail, and will advise you to try the same, but not to expect the creature to do such things forever. You then get the modifier "The cycle" which gives an additional damage boost.

After killing it, it's corpse will start twitching, and your notified of something crawling out of it. So a science ship investigates the corpse and discovers that a new worm has been born. Apparently, ouroboros had eaten its own young as well. It than gives you to options, either kill the creature for unity and influence, or keep as a weapon. You will than gain an relic : " The new queen" that normally gives some bio research and food bonus. But once activated, you can proceed to use the worm bombardement stance on your fleet, which causes either a new worm to be created and break a world, or you awaken the one already there, and still break the world. Uniquely, the relic uses minerals, not influence to use.


In a unique black hole system, there appears to be a bleached planet, debris, and something that has surrounded the black hole, and surprisingly it is a biological entity, a giant crystal tree that appears to encompass the black hole. As you approach the black hole, an event will fire that roughly states: It appears the black hole has been corrupted by something, and ship sensors indicate it to be some form of fauna, and has rooted itself into the black hole. It appears to be absorbing energy from it and causing weird fluctuations in space and time, not to mention how such a creature could even exist. The event ends with the button, Something is wrong here.


Nothing will happen after, until you settle the system with your starbase. Than the tree will activate itself, and fire lasers at the base until it is destroyed. You will receive the following message: LEAVE. If you do, nothing happens. But of course you go back in, and the tree will start to attack you.

It is powerful, at around 30k fleet power, it is specialised in every field, however, that is also its main weakness, as it is too well rounded, and cannot stop you from overwhelming it with one specific weapon or another.

If you contact the Curators, they will state how even they are unaware of how the tree got there, however they do know how it originally spawned after a botched mystical ritual had bleached the planet in its system and had released it onto the planet. If asked for more, they will state how the planets species used summoning rituals in there daily life, and when something fell to their planet, they apparently tried to summon more of said something. What followed was the complete bleaching of the planet, and the creation of seven crystalline trees. Six of them had apparently been felled by some hero, but the seven managed to survive, and bleach the planet, before converting the sun into a black hole. How the planet still remains is unknown to them.

When asked how to defeat it, they will advise you that the tree itself is an energy and crystalline automaton, and is not truly alive, and only repeats a certain amount of actions at a time, so they will give you the schedule of the events and advise you to attack when it is in the process of restabilization. You will than gain the modifier, 'destabilization charges'

After destroying the tree, you will be hailed by a mysterious signal from the bleached planet. After you pick it up, a Human will appear on screen and thank you for destroying the last tree. before offering to join you, as his civilisation had already been destroyed. If you agree, you will gain a unique admiral with the trait 'The last Master', which grant a boost to ship fire rate, ship speed, as well as immortality. He will also gift a unique relic called 'Alaya'. Which provides increase unity, and when activated will increase happiness, amenities, and army morale. If you refuse him, you will only gain 'Alaya'

So, your thoughts?

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