Possible pop growth rework idea. Want to know your opinion.

stellaris 2 - Possible pop growth rework idea. Want to know your opinion.

Actual pop growth (pops grow on each planet separately, amount of pops doesn't affect the pop growth) has a decent amount of problems:

  1. unrealistic – pops grow at the same rate, independently of the amount of pops already existing, but the more people you have, the faster they should grow (a country of 100 mil will grow for an additional mil much faster than a country of 20 mil).
  2. encourages wide play, making tall empires super weak in comparison – wide empires will have absolute advantage in pop growth, just because they have more planets. the empire with 8 planets grows twice faster (and in a short time becomes twice stronger) than an empire with 4 planets.
  3. encourages players to do "exploity" things like colonising planets with low habitability for the sake of creating additional pops, that will be relocated later on other planets.
  4. pops of different races can't grow at the same time, which is, again, quite unrealistic and annoying, if you, for example, have a slave race, that can't work specialist jobs (yes, i know about indentured servitude, but chattel slavery gives +10% more resources) and also servile races.

I'm sure there is more problems with it, but these reasons are enough (especially 2nd one, which is the worst) for rework.


So the rework idea, that i came up with, is quite simple and, kinda, obvious – pop growth should be tied to a race itself and not to planets. This way it won't matter how much planets you have, the growth will be the same (rely on the amount of pops you have) and will be just spread among these planets (planets with larger population will have larger growth and require relocation, that can be done by immigration pull to new colonies and relocation hubs in the next DLC)

The real need in a new planet will actually only appear, when you will run out of previous planet's living and working space (districts and building slots) and resources.

Also, i believe, the more pops you have the more growth you get. Each pop should provide an additional amount of pop growth, let's say 0.1 pop growth per month per pop (thus if we start will 30 pops we will have 3 pop growth per month, just like we do right now). This amount can be affected by different factors, such as modifiers, housing on the planet, jobs available, habitability etc.

Each race should have their own growth, and colony ships should take at least 1 pop from one of the planets.

In my opinion this rework will fix huge amount of problems, like those mentioned before, will equate tall and wide empires (at least to some extent), can actually make population control policies useful in the late game, if population growth will get out of control, etc.

I really want to know your opinions about this possible rework, if you like it or not, and possible negative sides of it, that i didn't think about.

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