Power is a grand thing

stellaris 4 - Power is a grand thing

So my first run with Determined Exterminators was a fantastic one. I handcrafted the powers in the galaxy and and made them all spawn in. I tried to make them all very diverse and unique, so there’s no one single power that’s the same as another. Basically, I was competing with a devouring swarm and some purifiers to eradicate everything. I spawned on the right side of the galaxy map with some rogue servitors (terminated). They hated me, naturally, so I nuked their planets because they had a very weak military. My science ship made a pretty great discovery though. We were alone on our side of the galaxy. Only the servitors spawned on the same side as me and they died. I focused on pure technological ascension and very little expansion. I kept building on my resources and held my borders at the chokepoints. I felt like an end game crisis. The other empires became inferior and eventually pathetic. I eradicated the devouring swarm by jumping through a wormhole. There was a wormhole on my chokepoint and an L-Gate just outside of my borders. I ended up opening one I claimed on the other side of the galaxy via wormhole, and it was the grey tempest. At this point, they were really just a nuisance. I held a small fleet on my border to fend them off. I had just cracked an organic capital when we got the signal for the Prethoryn. I was worried, left all wars I was in (they were content to give up at that point) and retreated to my own systems. I kept boosting my chokepoints. I was ready for them to devour the life for me, then I would kill the fleets they send to my border. A strategy that likely would have failed, regardless, but it was the one I was using. You can imagine my panic when they were set to jump straight into my un-defended systems. They carved a hole to the chokepoint I was holding, which had served as a prison for them until the next wave arrived. One on one, my fleets could annihilate theirs with relative ease. But there were never any one on one battles. Hit and run would be my only tactic, but every time I ran, they chased me further into my borders. I eventually held the line, when they broke apart to kill other parts of the galaxy (I assume, they fled into unoccupied space heading towards the organics). Happy to say, we stemmed the tide. By the end, I was in tatters. And the organics were in arguably better shape. I finished there, and maybe I could take it back up and destroy all life in the galaxy. But really? I couldn’t have done it without the organic powers. So I think I’ll leave it there. The robots felt horror and loss as well, and I think they just transmit their data to the organics who helped them and shut down. I like that ending.


(Loads of fun stuff happened in this run, but this is some of the most notable stuff)

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