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stellaris 1 - Pre-FTL Earth

When playing as a non-human race, I have discovered a preftl earth in several different games, in some cases I discovered earth in the medieval era, and in yet another I discovered earth when it was in the industrial era, and in one I also discovered the earth in the midst of the second world war and also in another I found the earth in the cold war.

In all of these games that I have played, upon discovering a pre-ftl earth, I have had the opportunity to watch it evolve into each concurrent age organically and have enjoyed that experience.

However I have noticed a pattern of three outcomes in these games, which are, ultimately, that the earth-born human civilization will nuke itself into a tomb-world, become the United Nations of Earth or become subjugated by a foreign civilization.


Now what I was curious about is whether or not an alternate Earth-born Civilization can come about Organically, such as a United Soviet Socialist Republics of Earth, Or a Holy Roman Empire of Earth or even more surprisingly a United Mongolian Empire of Earth. Each specific Alternate Earth would have its own flavor of course.

Hell, come to think of it wouldn’t it be interesting to find earth as a tomb world run by some sort of offbrand skynet.

???? questions, thoughts, is this possible ????

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