Prethoryn Scourge played itself

stellaris 1 - Prethoryn Scourge played itself

TL:DR: Scourge invades, get kicked in the ass by an Ancient Machine empire and has no planet in its space it could use to procreate.

Just "finished" my first playthrough.

In 2460, the Prethoryn Scourge befell the galaxy.

Just beneath my borders. I was panicking because my fleets were ill-equipped against them, and my fleet power of around 20-30k was pathetic against their fleets with 48k fleet power each.

But funnily, there was one of these ancient machine civilizations just south of me, also bordering the now Scourge-occupied space.

The machines eradicated the Scourge fleets, leaving but 1 fleet behind.


I rushed my fleet upgrades/retrofitting to an anti-Scourge template, build a second smaller "Extermiation" fleet to bomb the ONLY "habitable" planet in the entire Scourge space…

Defeated the fleet with some casualties. Went on to blow up the remaining Scourge 12k starbases, slowly pulling my Exterminators to the front. When I reached the system with the planet… It was empty. No Scourge to be seen.

They had invaded the galaxy on a spot completely lacking any colonized worlds, the only "habitable" planet being a barren world.

Aftee plopping the last Starbase, I called it a day and celebrated my victory.

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