Prosperity tree is underappreciated

stellaris 2 - Prosperity tree is underappreciated

While reading the subreddit and the Paradox forums, I get the feeling that Prosperity is severely underappreciated.

I get why Expansion is king, for good reason. Growth is king, and Expansion is growth, but Prosperity deserves special mention, concerning flexibility and strategic resources. Let's look at the details:

  • +10% mining station output means strategic deposits in space also give +10%

  • -10% building upkeep means upgraded buildings cost 0.9/1.8 specials in upkeep. It also means habitat maintenance is reduced by 10% because the upkeep in on the capital building.

  • 5% specialist output. One of the reasons efficient bureaucracy gets so much love is 6% to science. This is 5% to science, consumer goods, alloys, unity, refined strategic resources, and so on.

  • 1 free clerk/city district. I keep seeing complaints about economies tanking because building a specialist building takes workers off the primary resources. Clerks are the answer!. Just lower prio on the (many, many) clerk jobs you have, to keep the mines running, and when they are working, each clerk is helping.

  • -10% building cost means that first research lab upgrade costs 45 instead of 50 gas, and so on.

  • +1 housing: fewer city districts mean more resource districts, while unlocking building slots. Free housing helps growth by increasing migration attraction.

  • finisher: it will be a while until you hit 50 pops, but merchants are very good at making useful stuff out of thin air.

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