[PS4] How a roleplay went horribly wrong and led to my first “Utterly Destroyed” status (Horizon Signal chain spoilers)

stellaris 6 - [PS4] How a roleplay went horribly wrong and led to my first "Utterly Destroyed" status (Horizon Signal chain spoilers)

So, I've decided to start a roleplay game about the ex-Earthern humans, who decided to go to Space in search of better life, fearing the nearest future on Earth will result in the planet being nuked. In a generation, arks reached the unnamed ocean planet orbiting the star called by survivors Esperanza – as a new hope, hope for the better world.

The Terran Exodus Committee was formed as a moral democracy with the science being one of the biggest values. The Terrans, as they have called themselves, after naming their homeworld Terra Nova, were highly intelligent – naturally, arks were filled with the brilliant minds wanting only peace. Living in the ark for a generation led to people becoming less adaptable then before; but in the same time they became much more rational in their consumption habits, becoming conservationists – as an opposite to the wasteful citizens of the Earth who were left behind.

That was a pacifist society with materialistic perception of the world. After Exodus from the Earth, they were fearful of the space around them and were sure not to trust anyone who was not an ark denizen – hence the xenophobe ethic.

Meritocracy and environmentalism were the key civics – they tried to reduce, reuse and recycle, and they wanted only the best members of society reaching high positions in govrtnment, science, business and army. Meritocracy was the sure choice.

I've actually decided to play tall, without creating sectors (to those who do not know, console sectors are based on 1.7 version of the game, IIRC). Only a limited number of planets, focus mostly on the scientific development, a small war fleet… I suppose you can already guess where it was going.

Well, the only problem was a State of Rothak slaving despots right near my borders. The other problem was a Hive Mind of xenophobe snails on the other side. But I percieved Rothak as a main threat and was right – they declared war, and literally obliterated my fleet. i managed to secure white peace after destroying their transport fleet and reclaiming a couple of planets that they already invaded.


Well then, during period of peace, I send the science ship to uncover something interesting, and the ship delivers: it enters the black hole system and start the Horizon Signal quest chain. I feel excited as I wanted the achievement for it, and fully commit myself to the quest. One stage, second stage, etc… And then Messenger arrives. Actually, remembering that my Terrans' motto was "For the science!" I agree to everything and spread the certain aerosol… Embracing the love of the Worm

Ok, I did expect that my Terrans will become much less pacifist and reluctantly decided that I'm okay with that. What I did NOT expect – that they will become look… different. After this, feeling that there is nothing to lose, I reform the government… Or, perhaps, I should say, REORGANIZE my Moral Democracy for a safe and secure society.

Segio Ortega will be remembered in the Terran history as a person, who embraced the Worm, and the person who started the war with Rothak. The last war, which should have ended the threat but turned out to be a disaster… Esperanza and all Tomb worlds waiting to be colonized by the new Terrans, was lost to Rothak. The independence – lost as well, Terran Empire becomes a vassal of Rothak.

Although, they seemed nice for a bit – they went to the war with my snail hive meind neighbours and destroyed their star nation giving a couple of planets to me – with lots of minerals (yes, console uses minerals). I see an opportunity and become patiently build a fleet which will secure our independence once again. Theodora Ortega finally replaces her father as an Empress, Cruiser focus helps with the fleet creation…

…and then I'm greeted with the Utterly Defeated losing screen. Rothak were really nice and integrated the Terrans into their society.

And that fleet, which I've built right before the end, was the last thing I saw on this save. RIP, Terran Exodus Committee, at least you survived.

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