PSA: Gateways make trade borderline OP

stellaris 1 - PSA: Gateways make trade borderline OP

Terminal Egress showing off the Trade levels and Protection possible.

Trade routes are one of the more interesting mechanics in 2.2. That requires planning and a bit of strategy to keep your economy afloat. The two main threats to trade are piracy and long-routes (as in routes not protected by Star Bases) Gateways utterly eliminate these issues and buff Trade to absurd levels.

Trade routes can go through gateways. Allowing an advanced gate network to funnel all trade into the Captial directly. This also works with L-Gates, allowing you to turn Terminal Egress (as depicted by this Screenshot) into not only a transportation hub with a Gateway but also a trade center.


Another interesting and honestly kind of broken aspect of this is how Starbase protection is calculated with this. Starbases can defend so many jumps worth of trade. This is upgraded by defense modules. Requiring trade-forts along your routes to facilitate and protect trade. Gateways count in these jump calculations. So a defense starbase linked to the Gateway network count all other linked systems as one jump away. Letting you stack protection extremely high.

Trade is a fun mechanic and this combo virtually eliminates the need for Patrol Fleets. Try doing this as a Mega-corp or trade focused empire and watch the Credits roll in.

P.S. To my fellow 40k fans in the Stellaris community. This insane economic and military power really puts the Pre-Fall Eldar into perspective. So plenty of awesome RP-ing possibility their.

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