[PSA] Incorrect checksum/host different version fix (055d).

stellaris 7 - [PSA] Incorrect checksum/host different version fix (055d).

After many tedious hours of debugging why my friend's game kept showing with the wrong checksum, with numerous failed attempts such as verifying game files, reinstalling and (with and without mods), we learnt that the problem was my friend had two extra .txt files scattered in directories in steamapps/common/Stellaris/common (the directory the game uses to calculate the checksum).

The text files in question were "00_campaigns.txt" and "01_edicts.txt", which you can find with the windows search (sub-directories enabled) in Stellaris/common; my friend deleted these and now his checksum is "dfce" as expected (on the current latest version).

I've seen other people complain with different checksums, and I'd wager the issue is the same. I will describe the process by which we deduced the existence of these two files in case this issue can stem from similar differences:

  1. Find the "checksum_manifest.txt" file in steamapps/common/Stellaris. Open it, note that it is divided into different blocks specifying directories and file types to include in the checksum.
  2. Have you and the person having difficulties remove these blocks one at a time, saving, and running until you have identical checksums.
  3. If removing a block now gives you both the same checksum, it means those files specified in that block are to blame. The "name" field tells you which folder in common/Stellaris to look in.
  4. Use windows search in steamapps/common/Stellaris/NAME to search for the files with that type. Use "*.extension" in the search bar. In our case, the block responsible (removing it gave us the same checksum) was:



name = common

sub_directories = yes

file_extension = .txt

So we did a windows search in "steamapps/common/Stellaris/common" with the search term "*.txt", which searches for all text files. Mine said 752 items found, my friend's said 754, bingo. Then you need to compare the files, we copied them into a separate folder and used command-prompt wizardry to get the file names into a nice ordered list and then compared the lists using an online tool, which led us to those files mentioned at the start of the post.

I don't know if other people with this issue had exactly the same files changed (a Google search and search of Paradox tech support only revealed 3/4 people with the checksum "055d"), but you should be able to deduce the culprit files in the same manner.

Edit: I did some digging and those files are apparently relics from old Stellaris versions (2.4 in particular) that no longer exist in the game. Explains why the checksum is changed by their presence.

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