Psionic ascension is pretty damn useless if there is no Zro in the galaxy

stellaris 4 - Psionic ascension is pretty damn useless if there is no Zro in the galaxy

So I have been on a pretty good run as a spiritualist megacorp and eventually pierced the shroud and got some nice technologies from it.

When I was mulling over opening the L-Gates finally it seemed time to upgrade my fleet, which up to that point had been an assortment of random-ass designs from the last 100 years of playing that I never updated, because I wasn't in the business of war. So I put those nice PSI shields and that nice PSI computer on all my designs and saved and then I couldn't update anything because I have no Zro and there is no Zro in my borders anywhere.

Knowing that Zro is usually found in nebulae, I checked all nebulae for the stuff. Nothing. Then I checked every other system. Nothing. I should mention also that I had been diligently mapping every unoccupied system I could and so the only places I have not seen into are inside Fallen Empire borders and a few outliers blocked by raider empires, as well as the big bad monster systems. None of which are in nebulae.


It is possible that this illusive Zro is found in some other empire which does not know it has it and thus it does not show up. I am not sure. But since I have the tech I should be able to see it regardless. And I do not see it anywhere.

So yea, this is pretty bad and I would like to lobby for a PSI tech that allows us a building to make synthetic Zro. Maybe it could be a space station building that needs to be in a nebula. Or it could be a reaction out of the three rare resources. Basically anything to not gate being able to use the perks of your chosen end game behind a random dice roll.

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