Purging Needs Improvement

stellaris 5 - Purging Needs Improvement

Purging is back to being way too slow. In fact, it's very easily game-breakingly slow. So long as you keep Stability at 100%, who cares about 100% crime? It's not beyond the realm of possibility that I might have 2000 pops on a single world purging one by one and I'm getting stupid amounts of Food or Energy (depending on what sort of evil I am) for the rest of the game.

Before, purging took 10 years, but it all happened at once. It definitely meant that you had put a lot of work into moving pops around and keep it from rebelling. You'd get a LOT of profit from them, then rapidly decline. My Devouring Swarm used to find itself suddenly VERY hungry indeed.

Then it was changed to 2 years. This, I think, I was too short. I could still be part-way through a war and have cleared out all their core worlds by the time I'm forced to White Peace through sheer attrition. It was, however, a good incentive to have a working economy rather than relying on purging pops for Food or Energy.

Now it takes decades upon decades to purge pops unless I make an effort to intentionally spread them out among my worlds. But then, why would I do that when purging pops is getting me huge amounts of resources for decades on end? In 10 years, a single planet can only purge 40 pops ((10 yrs x 12 months) / 3), but since they don't cost anything tangible to keep on a planet, you may as well have hundreds in one place. Purge 40 pops, go to war, add 200 more after taking 2-3 worlds. It's a never-ending loop.

Personally, I think Purging speed ought to scale up with the number of purging pops on a planet and allow for overflow. That is, they decline at 35 points per month until (let's say), +1 per 4 purging pops. At 20 pops, they decline at 40 points. At 100 pops, 60 points per month, and so on until at a few hundred purging pops they're declining at more than 1 per month. The last few pops would take the longest to purge, but the goal would be to purge all pops, no matter how many, in a decade or two.


I think it would make for more meaningful choices. Say you've taken a few core, well-developed worlds and you've got 400 pops to purge. Do you leave them where they are and simply build a bunch of strongholds until they're gone? Do you move them into a single fortress-world and get rid of them as fast as possible, but with less net gain? Do you establish several dedicated death-camp worlds to purge them at a more moderate pace and get the most out of them, but without the risk of rebellion?

Another option would be to have a Death-Camp job that only Purging pops can take. Horrifying connotations aside, it could be based on the size of the Administrative building. Say, 1 slot for Ship Shelters up to 5 for the highest tier. Purging pops only produce resources while in this job and, ideally, automatically purge after 3 months. A Slave Processing Center could add a slot or two, as well. This way, you could have a few dedicated worlds that produce most of their resources from purging pops.

On the one hand, resources from purging would be much lower per month, yet you'd have to control extreme crime rates and stability issues. This incentives moving them to several locations to maximize their output but minimizes the tedium of this task by removing most worlds from consideration. You'd want to focus on sending them to well-developed, well-protected worlds rather than flooding backwater worlds with purging pops that only decline 1 or 2 at a time. (I mean, unless that interests you)

I'd also suggest removing Purging pops from counting towards opening new building slots.

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