Purging without the purging, or how do I be creative at my desired war crime of massively depopulating newfound ground?

stellaris 1 - Purging without the purging, or how do I be creative at my desired war crime of massively depopulating newfound ground?

Never thought I'd be making a post in my life with this title.

The current predicament under which this all stems from is that of the War in Heaven. I've been asked to lead the league after staying neutral, and so I did, uniting half the galaxy in the process. Where I happen to reside alongside a multitude of league members however, several neighbors ended up aligning with the AEs, forcing an assault to be launched to take them out, and for room to be granted to further our attack. I led said assault on two of these neighbors, and consequently was the one to start, and keep, inheriting their planets and habitats.

And as I quickly found out, that's the last thing that I wanted. They're… unique. Built without sense or purpose, and with horrific stability now that I'm the new owner. My economy is sinking, but the ship grinder that is the War in Heaven is only starting, meaning this problem will only escalate. There's a slight chance that it could be salvaged, and the newly found ground adapted, but that's an insane amount of work that I'm not sure I can keep up with. As such, I want all those pops that I got from my assault, gone, before my economy hits the floor. Preferably repeatable so this would not be a re-occurring issue.

I've considered my options.

  • I can't repopulate them all on a random habitat/planet and release as vassal because of wartime
  • I'm not authoritarian or xenophobe, and I do not have the proper factions to embrace for that, so slavery is out
  • A martial law'd fortress world would still require the upkeep of their mere existence. Maybe on basic subsistence things can be stabilized?
  • Repopulating all on a dump world and letting it rebel might work, but how long does it take? Also, will require multiple habitats/planets as this situation will only keep growing. Might also leave the world via expunge population
  • Displacement still require some upkeep, and pops will probably go back to their former owners/allies, merely delaying the issue
  • No Collossi as a future contingency plan

So far the only real solution I could think of was shoving them all onto my colonized Prophet's Retreat. I've got the relic which allowed me to do so, and if I let them rebel while being on it, then suddenly that holy world isn't mine anymore, and a certain FE would hopefully stop by to neutron sweep it. It's a loss of a food world, and it's a temporary solution, but I could build an influx of colony ships to keep on doing this after the first time.

Any advice? Because this is a little maddening.

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