Question about Anomalies and Missing Edicts

stellaris 5 - Question about Anomalies and Missing Edicts

Looking at the Stellaris wiki, there are some edicts I have never seen, specifically Master's Teachings: Diplomatic Trust, Master's Teachings: The Greater Good, and Improved Working Environment. I have noticed that I always get Master's Teachings: Philosophical Mindset, Master's Teachings: Warring States, and Improved Energy Initiative even when in a huge galaxy with only one AI empire. I have also noticed that Master's Teachings: Philosophical Mindset always comes from an anomaly to do archaeological work on buildings (I don't remember the name exactly), but Master's Teachings: Warring States always comes from the anomaly Cold Hard Potential, meaning that the game considers them to be separate anomalies.

I am making a guess here, but I think that originally, when repeating anomalies occurred (pre-2.1), after the first Master's Teachings: Warring States (result hidden as Cold Hard Potential, as with some other anomalies like Diamond in the Rough), the second and third time you encountered that same anomaly, you were supposed to get Master's Teachings: Diplomatic Trust and Master's Teachings: The Greater Good, but because repeating anomalies were removed, it broke these anomalies. I assume that Improved Working Environment works in a similar way, where the second time you encounter the anomaly where you could get Improved Energy Initiative, it would change into the one where you instead get Improved Working Environment.


I got the game shortly before 2.1 so I hadn't played too many hours before the anomaly rework. So my question to all of you is: has anyone seen these edicts since the anomaly rework or are they simply straight up missing? I really think that the dev team makes it so that a select few anomalies can occur multiple times instead of simply getting Ancient Signs of Life (gives an uninhabitable planet the Terraforming Candidate modifier) over and over again so it keeps being worthwhile to keep searching for anomalies and rewards players that keep going, which, if my hypothesis is correct, would fix the issue.

TL;DR: Has anyone seen Master's Teachings: Diplomatic Trust, Master's Teachings: The Greater Good, and Improved Working Environment since the anomaly rework? From the science I've done, I think they're missing.

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