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Question about the new megastructure ‘Interstellar Assembly’

stellaris 3 - Question about the new megastructure 'Interstellar Assembly'

While I am super stoked about the discussion about ecumenopolii and new megastructures forthcoming in 2.2 (I plan to immediately find out how many pops I can stuff into one planet), I do have a question as to the immediate use of the "diplomatic" megastructure, as my preferred playstyle seems to end up leading federations a lot:

A fully completed Interstellar Assembly is supposed to have 100% immigration pull and +50 foreign empire opinion. While the former is nice in a sort of way to fill out my new ecumenopolii that much faster, I'm hard-pressed to see where the latter would really help: A charismatic/xenophilic species/empire has zero issues making friends with just about anybody they want to make friends with.


In fact, the biggest penalty to foreign relations isn't really within the range of 50 points – that would only come into play for really distant empires, and by the time you can build such a megastructure, no location in the galaxy need necessarily be "far" for you thanks to gateways – and most of the time when you're doing something odd diplomatically you'll hit hard -1000 modifiers like "X would never do that" or "X would never want to associate with Y," or cascading -100+ modifiers like "X claimed your shit," "your id*ot ally claimed X's shit," or "X is really into space-Jesus and you're a godless betentacled heathen with sex-robots."

In my experience it's really only in the early game that you have so little history with another empire that you're looking at figuring out how to squeeze a couple points to get from neutral to cordial so you can slap them with a NAP or a science agreement and bask in the resulting trust modifiers, and this isn't an early game tool.

What is its niche?


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    Jan 04, 2020 9:18 am

    I think it would be more useful in upcoming federation dlc. More opinion, more voting weight. But we’ll see how it works.

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