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stellaris 2 - Question: State of the Game

I am a returning player who bought Stellaris at release and I stayed around until I think 2.0 Overhaul. I removed the game from my hard-drive because it was simply not really fun to play for several reason. Now after some DLCs hit the deck and work has been put into it, I wanted to check how the state of the game is and if there has been improvement on the things that drove me away from it the first time.

1) Diplomacy or rather the complete lack of it.

Diplomacy in Stellaris basically does not encompass the "Getting to know each-other and befriending" but rather "Do you have the same believes? Yes, then we are best buddies. No? Well we will not want to have anything to do with you or even outright antagonize you." Is there now a way to actually form friendship/alliances with e.g. a Materialist as a Spiritualist or is it still just -50 Standard and – 40 because of "Spiritualistic Fools"?

2) Spam

Do the AI still form and disband non-aggression pacts within seconds every year? Like "I like you, no I do not and now I do again?" It is really disruptive to the game when several dozen icon pop up and distract you from stuff. Can the AI finally accept No as an answer, having to decline the 20th migration policy invitation from the same Empire is annoying. Can one finally set flags as "Will never trade, will never accept Research agreement"?


3) War ( the joke it really was )

Corvettes being better than anything else because of evasion and tracking. Rockets being utterly useless due to point-defense and the ship only loses marginal fire power to mount point defense? Are AI still slung along ( You research Battleships and now everyone can build them due to how the AI works )? Are Disruptors and Plasma still reigning kings so uncontested that they might be as well gods?

4) Ascension Perks

Are most of them still useless, like cheaper clearing for tile-blockers etc and only a few are the go-to and it all comes down whether Psionic Worldbuilders or Flesh is Weak Worldbuilders? Is the shroud still so fucking overpowered, granting gifts at almost no risk?

5) Galaxy Distribution

Did Stellaris finally learn "Equal" distribution? Or is it still two make up 50% of the galaxy and 14 fight for the the scraps due to their spawns?

I would love to know if it is worth playing again and if those flaws have been tended to. I really want a 4X game and I like Paradox' games such as CK2 very much but somehow they didn't have the balance out when I left, I wonder if they do now.

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