Questions about Fleet Compositions and Ship Behaviors. Picket Positioning, Missile Distances, Target Priority

stellaris 8 - Questions about Fleet Compositions and Ship Behaviors. Picket Positioning, Missile Distances, Target Priority


I'm just going through my first serious game of Stellaris and I'm having a lot of fun with its economic aspects. It's military concepts however, still elude me at times. Couple of Questions:

I've designed some ships that are specifically anti-missile and anti-strikecraft units. Picket ships you'd call them. I'd like them to protect other ships within the same fleet from these attacks.

Let's say I have a large amount of Artillery ships. I've given these ships the Artillery Combat Computer and Long Range weapons, so that they hang back at Long Range. I now add my Picket ships so that they protect these artillery ships.

What Combat Computer should I give these Picket Ships? Also Artillery Computers so that the Pickets stick close to the Artillery ships and destroy incoming craft/missile on the spot? Or should I give them Picket Computers so that they place themselves between my Artillery Ships and the enemy, and destroy incoming craft/missiles before they reach my Artillery?

Is it dangerous for my picket ships to separate themselves from their fleets that way and will they get shot at first? Should I in the example above, give them Line Combat Computers so they stay away from the enemy a bit more, but still place themselves between the enemy and friendly artillery?

I've tried to make a swarm of Corvette Missile ships. I can't give corvettes the Artillery Combat Computer – only Picket and Swarm. Between those two, which is best for a Missile Corvette?

Also, is there less chance of the enemy managing to destroy an incoming missile if the Corvette launches it at point blank?


Do distances matter at all for the survivability of either the Missile Corvette or the Missiles it fires, BESIDES whatever bonuses the Combat Computer gives? I know the swarmer computer gives more evasion, but then again, this does put them VERY close to the enemy ship.

I have a habit of specializing my ships. For example, my ships either are all kinetic, all energy, all point defense, etc.. If I notice my enemy has a strength/weakness, I simply build more ships of a kind and change fleet composition, rather than refurbish individual ships to counter.

If I see my enemy goes heavy on missiles/crafts, I build more picket ships and add them to my fleets, rather than refurbishing all my existing ships to have slightly more point defense.

Is it possible this will bite me in the ass and can the enemy AI prioritize specific ships within my fleet? Let's say all of my fleet's point defense relies on just a handful of really good picket ships. Can the AI choose to target just those, overwhelm and destroy these picket ships, then leave the rest of my fleet vulnerable?

On a related matter, how does target prioritization work? If I have a fleet of corvettes, half of which are swarmers with auto-cannons that get in the enemy's face, and the other half are picketers with missiles that hang back at a longer distance, will the swarmers manage to distract the enemy into leaving my picketers alone?

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