Quick thanks to the community and devs

stellaris 5 - Quick thanks to the community and devs

I’ve never been one to throw money at a game so willy-nilly, but I’m about to pre-order megacorp because I know I’m going to enjoy it. I’m always down for my favorite game to get expanded. I was thinking at first, do I really still like this game enough to warrant another dlc (I own all dlc for this)? But then I thought back to the really good moments and runs I’ve had, not to mention my nearly 100 hours in it, and I thought yeahhhh I’m getting megacorp. I want more!!

Anyway, thanks to paradox for making such a great space civ-sim whatever-you-call-this game. It’s a dream come true in several ways. Still supporting it and making such drastic changes, thanks!

And another big thanks to the community. Having so many people enjoy and talk about the game makes it feel alive, and that adds a huge draw. This subreddit is great for seeing funny posts, in depth discussions, etc etc. I’m so glad to see one of my favorite games of all time being so alive.

Thanks devs, thanks community, and may we all start cool new galaxies on December 6th!! (Or was it the 8th..)

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