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stellaris 1 - /R/Stellaris Populates my Galaxy - After Action Report - Our Story So Far...

Hey guys, some of you may have seen (or even contributed to) my earlier post called "Populate my Galaxy", in which I asked the people of this subreddit to submit their favourite Custom Empires to be ported into my game and played against.I created my own (relatively boring, but relateable Humans), and set up a new galaxy using a mod to give me 1500 Stars. I love reading after action reports, watching "Stellaris News" videos and Stellaris Invicta from Spacedock. So I really wanted to come up with a backstory for my little fledgling Empire.So here begins the so far, relatively short timeline for the Terran Colonial Administration. Most of this is straight lifted from the gameplay, but I've created little fictional additions to flesh out the story.

Following the discovery of a stable wormhole within the Sol System, and in fear of an oncoming global catastrophe in the escalating cold war, rich investors and scientists banded together to form the Terran Colonies Project. The goal was to probe the wormhole, and discover any habitable planets on the other side. As luck would have it, a suitable planet WAS found on the other Side, and named "Solus" by the project's directors. A continental world of a similar size to Earth, Solus was located in the newly named Deneb system, on the other side of the Galaxy. Colonists and engineers were sent through the wormhole in their thousands, eagerly signing lifelong contracts with the Terran Colonies Board to win themselves a position onboard these missions. Eventually, by the year 2000 (Terran Era), a sustainable colony was founded on Solus.

All was not well, however; within a few decades of the colony's founding, all contact with Earth was lost, and before efforts could be made to reestablish them, the wormhole closed, sealing the Solus Colony to it's fate.

However, under the leadership of the newly formed Terran Colonies Administration, Solus prospered. This megacorporation oversaw every inch of the planet, working to make the planet more habitable, the people more prosperous, and the profits higher. Truly, the paradise they had worked for had come to fruition.

2000TE – Solus is officially declared a Habitable Colony.

2200TE – By this time, Solus' population had grown exponentially, in part due to gene clinics and fertility treatments. As well as general prosperity on the planet. Terran Colonies R&D completes development of the Hyper Drive.

2220TE – With the Deneb system fully developed, by 2220, efforts to expand the TCA's power to all neighbouring systems are accomplished. The first evidence of Intelligent Alien life is discovered in orbit around the "Light's End" black hole, one system over from Deneb, in the form of a massive Science Nexus that had been destroyed tens of thousands of years prior. This information is kept largely hidden from the populace at large, until a whisteblower in upper management leaks pictures to the public. The Whistleblower is hailed as a "hero" and "champion for corporate transparency", and even promoted to a senior position. Before sadly dying in a terrible accident mere weeks later.

2230TE – In response to growing food shortages and an increase in living prices on Solus, the colony "Garden" is founded in the Odineseyn system. Garden is a large ocean world with incredible levels of fertility, and farming this planet solves the food shortages back home.

2240TE – Bold from their quick successes and profits on Garden, the TCA begins developing several more colonies – San Fernando in the Odineseyn system, Mediteranea in the Nedagulf system, Olympia in Egmar, and Tyrennia in Erme. The TCA is proved to be incredibly capable and efficient when it comes to quickly colonising worlds.

2243TE – The people of the Terran Colonies are shook by Public First Contact with the Democratic Akkano Confederacy*, a race of Humanoid aliens living in close proximity to the Northern Edges of Terran space. A trade agreement is signed relatively soon after, including allowances for a TC R&D Science Outpost and Branch Office on their home planet.

2250TE – With diplomatic ties fully opened with the Akkano, it isn't long before the Terrans are introduced to the rest of what they call the Empires in what they call their "Stellar Neighbourhood". To their North are the Akkano, whose empire stretches around them from North to East. The Meereeti Council* are out to the East of the Akkano, and are allied closely with them. To the Terran's West is the Imperium of Eden*, an isolationist Empire who at first show major distrust of the Terrans, but quickly succumb to aggressive marketing tactics and lucrative trade deals. The Terrans graciously choose to assist the Imperium with their own famine by providing free food for 30 years, provided the Imperium allows a Branch Office on their Homeworld, as well as a branch of TC R&D.

Shortly after, the Terrans make contact with the Bruxiteer Confederacy and the Keerim Mandate* to the North, and the Bryll Star Coalition to the South.

Noone can deny it anymore, the Terrans certainly aren't alone in the galaxy. In Fact – they are outnumbered.

2260TE – By this date, the TCA had founded several more colonies across Terran Space, and had formalised Trade Agreements on all of their direct neighbours. However things weren't perfect. The growth of the Terran Population had been a lot faster than expected, Consumer goods and food were beginning to rise in price, and the TCA knew they would need to rapidly expand their territory to lay claim to more resources.

2270TE – Having reached a breaking point for their supply lines, the TCA rapidly expanded their influence into the Rebenthi Dust Clouds. Billions of Credits were invested into a project to create a new base of manufacturing and distribution in this incredibly rich area. However the TCA only succeeded in claiming a few systems. Altbrard was taken in 2265, as well as a few other minor systems in the local area. But the Democratic Akkano Confederacy had ignored Terran Claims and taken the systems for themselves.

2276TE – In truth, the Terrans never had any legal claim to the Rebenthi Dust Clouds. They had taken Altbrard, which was a profitable system, but otherwise the rest of these systems had been unclaimed. Truthfully, the TCA had gotten greedy; Desperately trying to spread the borders of their dominion as far as possible before they were fully surrounded by Alien Empires. There was almost no hostility in the local neighbourhood, and certainly the Akkano had not meant to upset anyone while claiming these systems.But this was not how the Terran Colonial Administration had portrayed the event. To the Terrans, the Akkano had stolen Terran property. Billions had been invested into this project, with nothing to show for it, and the Akkano needed to give up the Dust Clouds, as without them the TCA would be left vulnerable.It was this justification that lead to the planning of a war against the Akkano. But it would not be simple.

The Akkano had four hyperlanes connecting them to Terran Space, Hjorameld and Veisto to the East, and Zorrabed and the Gathri Maelstrom to the North. Their fleet was relatively small and ill-equipped in comparison to the Terran's Security Forces. However the Akkano were closely allied to the Meereeti Council. The Meereeti council had a fleet roughly equal to the Terrans, and this was a problem. The Terrans could easily beat the Akkano, and could fight the Meereeti on an equal footing – but to take on both simultaneously would be foolish.

The agreed strategy was to wage a lightning-strike war. A large fleet would be assembled to the East, along with the biggest Invasion force the Terrans had ever assembled, while a slightly smaller fleet would be sent North. Once war was declared, these large fleets would quickly overwhelm Akkano defenses and rush to pre-selected chokepoints inside Akkano territory. They would capture as much Akkano territory as possible, repair from captured starbases and then prepare for a Meereeti counterattack.It was seen as critical for mission success that the Akkano fleet be shattered as quickly as possible. If the Akkano could delay the Terran fleets in any way, it would risk allowing the Meereeti time to consolidate and advance.

2277TE – Having officially made claims on the remaining systems in the Rebenthi Dust Clouds, the Terran Colonial Administration declared war on the Democratic Akkano Confederacy, who in turn brought the Meereeti Council into the conflict. As planned, the mighty Terran Security First Fleet, under High Admiral Amani Ghorbani advanced east, quickly taking the Veisto system, however the Terrans were very quickly hit with a major loss. The Akkano had been moving one of their fleets into the neighbouring system of Hjorameld, and this fleet leapt into action and pushed back into Terran territory. The fleet broke through into the Altbrard system and attacked the gathered invasion force. While many units had yet to reach the rendezvous point, a significant portion (over 65%) of the Terrans Invasion forces were eliminated before even leaving their staging areas, as the Terrans had failed to leave a fleet to guard the relatively defenceless landing craft.


While the Akkano fleet was made short work of by the returning First Fleet, this loss was seen across Terran Space as a sign that this war was not worth such pointless loss of life. Estimates of casualties numbered in the tens of thousands in this battle alone.Almost simultaneously the Second Fleet, under Admiral Kerstin Hoffman took the Zorrabed system, before moving to attack Akkano defensive positions around the Gathri Maelstrom black hole. This was in line with the war plan, and this force was meant to take the Northern regions of Akkano space. This region was the least populated, least profitable area of Akkano space, and so the assumption was that the Akkano would have fortified it less. This assumption was wrong.

In orbit around the Gathri Maelstrom was a well fortified station, armed with missiles and cannon batteries that inflicted heavy damage upon the second fleet. To make matters worse, the Akkano and the Meereeti had both stationed fleets nearby, and these quickly rushed to the system's defense. The second fleet was overwhelmed and pushed back, leaving the Northern regions of Terran space completely undefended.

TCA War Command were stunned. Their strategy had relied on the assumption they would take key chokepoints and hold back the counterattack from within enemy territory. They had not planned for such a quick route and counterattack – enemy ships were never meant to enter Terran space. But now, one by one, all of the TCA's Northern Holdings were being captured by a strong fleet of Akkano and Meereeti ships.

2280TE – With the Northern front crippled, Akkano and Meereeti forces found themselves in possession of all of the TCA's holdings in the Northern reaches, and were now a single hyperlane from the TCA's home planet in the Deneb system. The TCA quickly formed a defensive perimeter and fleet. The Akkano would not take Deneb, but that did not mean they couldn't inflict damage on the systems they HAD taken.

Meanwhile, on the Eastern front, Terran fleets had made short work of any and all Akkano defenses they had encountered. The remains of their Invasion force had combined and been reinforced, and were successfully completing ground invasions on several Akkano planets.

The work was slow and deadly, but one by one the First Fleet had toppled system after system, and had been followed by a string of successful victories planetside.

This was not good enough for the Terrans on the homefront, however. They hadn't truly understood the reasons for the war in the first place, but it was acceptable when they were told it was a low-risk / high reward venture.But the war had seen hundreds of thousands of Terrans killed in avoidable military blunders, as well as a significant portion of their territory seized by an outside power. People were beginning to doubt the TCA's ability to win the war.

2281TE – The people of Garden and San Fernando rejoice, upon seeing the Warfleet of the Queptilium Clans descend into orbit around their planets. In a diplomatic venture that many had seen at first as suicidal, the Chief Executive Officer of the TCA, Chan Shen, personally met with the leaders of the Clans and negotiated a short alliance. In return for a hefty payment, the Queptilium loaned one of their warfleets to assist in the war effort. This fleet quickly rushed into Occupied Terran Space and made short work of the Akkano and Meereeti fleets stationed there. The Northern campaign began anew, as Terran and Queptilium fleets began once again pushing back into Akkano space.

Many whispered it was not wise to trust the winning of this war with a group of scattered clans and mercenaries, no matter how battle hardened they were, they weren't loyal to Solus or Terrans – only to money. But these naysayers were silenced upon seeing clear results.

2282TE – The planet Mitra, capital of the Democratic Akkano Confederacy is captured by Terran Forces after a gruelling 13 month campaign. Many Terrans from the planet Garden took part in this new offensive, and word had not yet reached them that their planet was free – these soldiers fought hardest of all. The Island hopping campaign on Mitra was hard, but the Terrans eventually won out through sheer determination and supreme tactical knowledge.

2283TE – By the year 2283, all of the Akkano systems south of the Rebenthi dust cloud were under Terran Occupation, as well as over half of their planets. Akkano fleets were all but destroyed, and what remained of their military was scattered across the region. The Terran First fleet was still moving from system to system, destroying starbases and scouting fleets alike. Meereeti fleets had been spotted, but they lacked the numbers to take on the Terran First Fleet.

In the North, a small detachment of Terran ships oversaw the Queptilium as they carved a path through Akkano space. It seemed as though the war was all but won. But then, the unforeseen consequences of utilising the Queptilium came into effect. Back home in the Queptilium clans, a leader had risen to unify the clans. The mighty Khan "Petals of Green". Under his leadership, the clans had unified to form an Empire. And without a word, the fleet they had loaned to the Terrans disappeared back to their homeland.

This left a sub-par observation fleet as the only thing standing between the Meereeti and Terran space. Once again, the Akkano and Meereeti banded together and launched a major counteroffensive, striking back into Terrran space. Having invested so much into the war effort already, plus the deficit they had run trying to take the Dust Clouds originally, as well as the insane sum the Queptilium had asked for, the Terran economy was running dry. They could not afford to refurbish a fleet, nor could they truthfully afford to lose the Northern Reaches. On top of this, public outcry from Terran Citizens and employees alike meant support for the war was at an all time low – a breaking point.

2284TE – Promising to resign once the war was over, CEO Chan Shen took the blame for this crisis, and attended a peace summit held by the Meereeti. Recognising his difficult situation, but also knowing he had millions of Akkano in occupied systems to bargain with, Chan Shen negotiated a peace, with the understanding that he would give up control over all occupied systems, as long as the Akkano allowed him to keep the original planets in the Rebenthi Dust Clouds he had declared war over. This was a hard pill for the Akkano to swallow – the prosperous worlds of Bontargi's Citadel and Pirgak's Freehold were located in one of these systems, and with it over 90 Billion Akkano. However stipulations were laid out in the treaty for equal treatment and citizenship for these Akkano, and an official peace was declared on 2284.01.01

2285TE+ – The future looks promising for the Terran Colonies. Their first major military venture had been largely successful, and the issues they had along the way were learned from and adapted into new strategies. Taking the Rebenthi dust clouds, as well as the two captured Akkano worlds was an incredibly profitable move for the Terrans, and in truth the Akkano living there were widely considered better off for it. However it had become reasonably clear for most Terrans that they weren't invincible. The truth of it was, they were surrounded by Alien species, many of which were equal or potentially even more powerful than the Akkano and Meereeti, and it was a growing feeling within the TC that they were becoming "penned in". In fact, there were no more unclaimed systems around for them to expand into, so in fact this was quite true.

It was quietly acknowledged by the populace that although the war had been horrible, it had been profitable in the end, and if the Terrans were ever going to grow and advance as a species… They would need to go to war again.

In other news, rumours had begun spreading amongst the populace. It was no secret that over a dozen additional empires had been encountered in other parts of the galaxy. The Eeropian Union, the Infinity Cathedral*, GEICO*, the Fevarian Stellar Union* and the Democratic Commonwealth of Meog'n*, all of these were publically acknowledged and recognised.

But there were two names that had not been officially recognised, but everyone had heard of them. The Wiyrkomi Corporation were supposedly a growing corporate Empire in the Eastern Fringes of the galaxy. Humans who had left Earth to find a new home in the stars, just like the Terrans.

But to the far north, rumor has it, that Earth had been rediscovered. A ball of irradiated rock, ruined by a Nuclear Holocaust, the very thing the TCA had been formed to escape. But it was not a dead planet. If the rumours were true, the Human Race had unified beneath a so-called "God Emperor", and formed the Divine Human Imperium.

If you made it all the way to the end, thank you so much for reading. I'd love feedback if anyone wants to give it, and I can provide some screenshots if you're interested. I often stream while I play stellaris so follow me at if you're interested or just AMA down below. Thanks again!

All empires with an asterisk* were submitted to me either in full, or simply in idea form on my earlier thread. Thanks to everyone who helped me with that! I had a lot of fun creating and then meeting your empires.

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