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I've had a bunch of ideas for mechanics ( probably not original) and I wanted to have some feedback.

– Federations are kind of boring, yes they give you some bonuses and a good ally that can really help but nothing huge. Honestly I find they act more as "very good ally" rather than a federation. Why not have federations edicts, policies and factions. By making them more powerful, this could lead to a centralized federation where both empires become one. On the other hand you could limit the federations power and stay decentralized much as it is today.

– Manpower : In the late mid-game the raw and manufactured resources stop being a limiting facture for ships and armies. If you have the problem you and build thousand of troupes and ships in a single year. For a country mobilising all of this manpower would hurt the economies. I have two solutions to tie pops to the Army/Navy : 1. Building Army generates a pop growth penalty for a short time on the planet . Building Navy creates emigration across the empire as pops leave to join the navy. When you disband Army/Navy immigration is generated as those service men return to civilian lives. 2. The second solutions only works for Army. When you click recruit a soldier job is created on the planet. When you embark, all soldiers pops disappear, and when to land the soldier pops reaper. This way you have to think about the lodging for your legions of doom. You could even say that you need a Academy in order to recruit armies on a planet. This way you can't have a 1 pop new colony generate 10 Armies.

– No more defence armies/assault armies if you want troupes on that world you had better put some their. Fortress provide bonuses to Armies when the planet is attacked.

– A new planet type, similar to ecumenopolis, called "Warworld" or something. Basically turning the planet into a huge fortress/station planet. Districts could become Fortresses, Battery Areas , Shield Generators, Barracks and Academies. Fortresses Provide bonuses to defending armies. Battery Areas allow the planet to fire at bombarding fleets. Shield Generators act like the Planetary Shield Generator Building. Barack are like Housing districts but provide more housing. Academies allow you to recruit more armies at once.

– Defensive Leagues : You and declare the formation a a League against a enemy and other empires join it. If the empire against which the league is formed attacks a member of the league then every one goes to war, but is a other empire attacks no one has to act. Basically think of middle-age Europe: everyone puts their differences aside to kick the Ottomans back because they are a commune threat. So all empires could league up against the fanatic purifier because he is a threat, but still be able to attack each other. Like a defensive pact against one empire.

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– Defensive pacts : I feel the grace period after braking a pact is irritating. You should be able to break the pact and attack (Hitler with Russian for example). This would give a huge trust penalty to all other empires as they may not see you as trustworthy. But some Caucasus belie could negate this a little as it way be seen as brave or understandable to some empires (Stop Colossus would please Pacifists for example).


– Secrets : this one is a little more "out their" in terms of good game mechanics. Basically when offering a pact you can chose to keep it secret. Every month their is a chance the pact is revealed and the chance grows every month. The change is also greater due to any pact or treaty a empire may have ( as exchange spreads information ). After maybe a year the pact is revealed is it has not been yet (you can only keep a secret for so long).

– Feudal Empires : Feudal Empires ( with Feudal society civic) should be the only ones to have "vassals", other empires should have a other name for their subjects. They should have a penalty to Administrative capacity but a greater control other their vassals( also with the AC penalty). The Vassals act more like sectors but with their own governments. The sovereign can take and give systems much more easily. The sovereign can in tell the vassals what he would like the vassal to focus on ( raw, manufactured resources, military …). During wars the sovereign can tell the vassal fleets which fleet it should follow. Of course disloyal vassals may not obey but you could replace the government (and risk a war in doing so).

– Call to Armes : Call allies, vassals, protectors, tributes …. to prepare for war and in decade a rallying point. Then give then objectives: like conquer a planet, system or even sector. Of course they will act independent and not be suicidal, but they try to follow the plan.

– Propaganda : empire edict that reduces the rate of Attrition. Also a ship module that that when deployed in enemy territory increases their rate of attrition.

– Centralised / Decentralised Policy : Centralised empires have the current sector system: resources can be but into a "general sector fund" that all the sectors pull from. Planets can be automated, governors ….

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Decentralised empires have a separate recourse fund for each sector but they have a base piracy suppression in all the systems, and empire/planetary edicts have a lower cost.

– Sectors : when you automate a sector it could be interesting to have a independence party start to form and if powerful it could see the sector declare independence for from your empire. If a sector is producing the majority of the empires riches but is receiving no resources the independence patrie grows. On a more wishful note, other empires could support independence groups and generate ethics attraction. So if your Pacifist empire has a sector being supported by a militarist empire, that faction could become militarist and thus gain the support of militarist pops. Taking it even farther , the militarist empire could build a "Broadcasting Station" module on a bordering star-base. This would have a rage and if a system is in that range pops in the sector get a very small militarist attraction boost. If a planet is in range then the attraction boost is higher.

– City Colossus : This one is a little silly. The basic idea is to allow you to build a Ship/Habitats that can move around the empire. I just think it gives Pacifists more of a use for Colossuses and the idea of a entire planet traversing space sounds cool to me.

Those were some ideas i had floating about. Yes most are quite war focused but seeing as i find the economy to be quite fun and a Diplomatic update if hopefully coming , I feel like War is a very boring part of the game.

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