Rant about Job distribution

stellaris 2 - Rant about Job distribution

From Dev Diary 122:

Pops will automatically fill empty Jobs that they are capable of holding, and each Job has weights that make them more or less suitable for a specific Pop – an Industrious Pop will be preferred over a non-Industrious one for a job that produces Minerals, for example. Pops that are more suitable for a Job than the current Pop holding the Job may take it from it them, so constructing a bunch of Robot Pops with mining equipment will likely see your organic Miners losing their jobs in short order.

If there are trait-weights for jobs, why does my uplifted research species work the forges, while my allround main species with extra resources from jobs from having the robust trait keeps filling the researchers? (see screenshots, my researcher species has +10% on physics and engineering and +25% on society compared to my main species )

Thats not even a rare thing, my clerk slaves often work the mines, while my mining slaves work the fields. Meanwhile the vendors stay closed, no employees…

Then there is the problem that some jobs arent automatically filled when needed. The enforcer priority is way too low, especially on ecumenopoli i often have a precinct building built and crime at ~70%, because no pop bothers to work as enforcer, until i manually reduce every job to the current workable level to force pops to work as enforcer.


This workaround has a drawback. Every time, i get a new pop i need to click on the job prio thing, to add another worker, because if i dont, i have an unemployed pop and have to manually go back into the job settings and increase the job count by one.

Talking about reducing micro management. If your system worked flawlessly, there wouldnt be a need to manually move pops or lock them. But with the system being as it is, the ability to hardlock some pops is crucial.

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Why dont you admit that the automatic job distribution is a failure and allow us to manually move pops? With the way the game is right now this would actually reduce micro management. The current job distribution system is frustrating.

Here is how I would do that.

Leftclick dragging pops to a different job moves them and softlocks them (they can be redistributed by the system once new jobs open, prevents the system from immediately undoing the move), rightlicking a pop locks it in its job (and adds an orange lock symbol to the upper right corner of that job square, locked pops from the same species stack; same as with any other pops stacking)

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