[Rant] Ever just waste a whole day and throw out a file?

stellaris 8 - [Rant] Ever just waste a whole day and throw out a file?

This is just a rant because I wasted my whole day on an endlessly frustrating playthrough and needed to vent somewhere.

I got Megacorp plus all of the other DLCs when everything went on sale for the 3rd year anniversary a bit ago, and finally had some time and the drive to start a new game to check out what I'd been missing. I didn't know much about how megacorporations functioned– just that they had to stay relatively small due to increased empire sprawl penalties and that they can establish offices in other empires to compensate for their small size. I looked through the available civics, and decided that a slavery-based criminal syndicate looked interesting, so I picked the indentured assets and crime civics and went on my merry way.

I start playing, and I have a decent starting area. I run into my first neighbor, excited to see how the branch office mechanic works, and… it's a driven assimilator. Can't establish a branch office because no diplomacy at all. War isn't even desirable, because I don't want his territory due to the sprawl penalties. I meet my second neighbor, who is… a democratic crusader. Absolutely opposed to my authoritarian ways, and refuses to accept any diplomacy. No diplomacy = no commercial pact = no branch office. I eventually made him my subsidiary, but I was still bummed that I couldn't make a branch office.

My third neighbor is… a megacorporation. Can't establish branch offices.


My fourth neighbor is… a megacorporation. As is my fifth. And sixth. And seventh. And eighth. By the point I threw out my game, I had encountered 9 megacorporations, two genocidal empires, the caravaneers, a fallen empire, and a whopping two regular empires, one of which hated my guts. The second one merely disliked me and was resistant to forming a commercial pact because all of the other megacorps had gotten there first. I was finally able to bribe my way into their good graces by dumping thousands of energy credits and minerals on them just so I could finally establish a damn branch office.

Those of you who are paying attention may have caught something. If I'm a criminal syndicate, what do I need a commercial pact for? Answer: when I made my empire, I originally picked criminal syndicate and a different civic, then decided to switch the second civic to indentured assets. Only I apparently swapped the wrong civic. I wasn't even a crime syndicate this whole time. So I closed the game and uninstalled it until they revamp diplomacy and put in literally any kind of espionage/intelligence mechanic.

Hope y'all are having fun with the relic thing; I never found a single one.

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