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stellaris 6 - Rate My Empire! (And my Federation!)

Hello there once again, r/Stellaris, I have recently fixed a little glitch so I can finally show off what I have been working on for the past week or so.

Welcome to The Lavini Pride! The most powerful star nation in the galaxy, bar none!

The Species

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Traits (Start)

Savanna Preference


Very Strong



Slow Breeders

Traits (Now)

Savanna Preference

Psionic (Transcendence)

Limited Regeneration (Alien Box Event)


Very Strong



The Lavini play very strangely if you are used to playing as a more short-lived, or more metropolitan, style, they are warlike, and with their long lifespans they can grow to be incredibly useful in the midgame when other nation's scientists are dying out, while yours are gaining more and more experience.

The Government (ThE MaChiNE MAn!)

The Lavinian government is an absolute monarchy, with its king or queen, regardless of gender, being the Apex Alpha, and their crown prince or princess, again, regardless of gender, being the Apex Beta.

Civics (Start)

Warrior Culture

Philosopher King

Civics (Now)Warrior CulturePhilosopher KingDistinguished Admiralty

Governing Ethics

Fanatic Militarist


Lore Wise:

The Pride was established in the year 32,478 (They have been around for a while, and the time frame in game, this is about 2133) by Alimane the Founder. It was the unification of the world of Neofelis, under the king, the Apex Alpha. The crown prince, the Apex Beta, at the time of founding, it was the young Regolid cur' Pandam (who is the starting monarch in the game). A class system was developed, the Voctarii (Ruler Class), the Varasse (Specialist), and the Venatii (Worker). After 77 years of centralizing power, developing engineering marvels, such as their orbital ring, and took their first steps out into the stars.

They are actually more of a Semi-Constitutional Monarchy, no voting, but with many institutions that sway the long lived Apex Alphas and groom the Apex Betas. The Apex Alpha is normally selected by the former Apex Alpha on his deathbed, along with the next Alpha's Apex Beta, while the other candidates are forbidden from their Voctarii privileges, and reduced down to the Varasse , or, in exceptionally disappointing cases, reduced to a Venatii.

The Population is entirely ideologically indoctrinated to fully support the king, and see war as a means of first resort, as well as being spiritually persuaded to one of their four gods (which will be mentioned later). Oddly, this indoctrination is strongest in the Varasse Class, who are defined as Industrial Managers, Business owners, Teaching Professors, Priests, Scientists, Sub-Admiral/General Officers, and Bureaucratic Administrators. 'Why is this the case?' Is a common question. The theory that had based this decision relied on each Varasse to be a promotion up from the Venatii Class, which all Lavini are born into, as such, upon their acceptance of the promotion, they are sent to another round of education and indoctrination, meaning that their beliefs are tightened back to the royal line.

TL:DR: Its a kingdom with a fountain class system, which indoctrinates all of its citizens.

Territorial Control:

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Circled in red, note Gateway Colonies that allow for power projection

-99 Systems

-10 colonies (including DC1)

-18 Starbases


The Pride has consolidated a large reach in the stars, over the course of several dozen wars against powers like the Democratic Rontor Alliance (Now The Rontor Empire) , Hiffnar Monopoly, Urgalak Consciousness and Natfankan Concern (Now the Natfankan Imperium) . Many of these wars have experienced large-scale interventions from the large empires towards the galactic south, who made defensive pacts with nearby empire. (Note, in the game generation those empires were incredibly lucky, and were spread very far away, allowing them to grow massive without any warfare at all)


Through these wars a powerful navy was established, and grown steadily, year after year, as the nature of naval warfare changed.

zobxqcnqk1x21 - Rate My Empire! (And my Federation!)
The Grand Fleet, established 10 years before the battle of the Vha'Zi Maelstrom, is still the warhorse of the pride. Lead by its most experienced Admiral, Thoraul dol' Harne.

7soyzqayk1x21 - Rate My Empire! (And my Federation!)
The Right Hand, established during the Izirian Wars, built to allow for operational mobility, and the sudden concentration of force. Lead by Culthar had'Rolunt, its first battle was a major success against an enemy corvette death stack, cutting 87 ships out of the 153 present.

d57rws2gl1x21 - Rate My Empire! (And my Federation!)
The Caltrop, established in The First Galactic War, was a twin fleet with The Bolas. Seen here it is damaged, after attacking the Caravansary Caravan Coalition.

jntcbtkwl1x21 - Rate My Empire! (And my Federation!)
The Bolas, twin fleet of The Caltrop.

yhoacjb5m1x21 - Rate My Empire! (And my Federation!)
The AAS Trourity, the colossus of the pride, is a divine enforcer model, and built during the Izirian Wars


Hah, hahaha, hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha…… no.

Literally every other non-federation country hates me, so I must say the game is going pretty good!

The Northern Kingdoms (Federation)

xua2jnna33x21 - Rate My Empire! (And my Federation!)
The Northern Kingdoms, largely seen as the true extent of lavinian influence

The Northern Kingdoms was a federation founded under the leadership of Apex Alpha Regolid Cur'Pandam. Its first member was The Rontor Empire, formerly the Democratic Rontor Alliance. For Context, the The Rontor Empire and Natfankan Imperium were former enemies of the pride, but were vassalized, then released as independent nations with imperial governments. These alliance deals were practically vassalizations, but also cost the pride plenty of alloy to get back into being functional governments.

Before this time, the former vassal states were seen as failed governments (this was shortly before the Izirian War), but when the kingdoms came into the conflict, the contributions of the alliance members to the Fleet of the Three Kings was seen as a vindication, and proof that their countries were finally reforming, and profiting from the death of their former democracies.

The Fleet of the Three Kings

0j2788ec53x21 - Rate My Empire! (And my Federation!)

r0gkhute53x21 - Rate My Empire! (And my Federation!)

3spvbc6g53x21 - Rate My Empire! (And my Federation!)
The fleet, as seen in parade

The Fleet of the Three Kings is the primary federation fleet of the Northern Kingdoms. It consists of 500 frigates, armed with devastator torpedoes, null void beams, and plasma throwers. The (lore) reason that it is made up primarily of frigates is that it was originally built from old lavini designs as the technological industry in The Rontor Empire and The Natfankan Imperium were being updated. It proved to be wildly successful during the Izirian War, encountering another federation fleet of frigates, and annihilating it completely.

And there you have it…

I hope you enjoyed reading about my empire! Please tell me what you think below, and if there is any way to improve my storytelling. Other than that, have a nice day!

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