Real Space goes to Patreon

stellaris 2 - Real Space goes to Patreon

Friends, I have to make an announcement that you probably don’t like. I wanted to do this later, but a year has passed since the creation of the site and the hosting informed me that my domain name has expired. Earlier, I wrote to you about my development plans and warned that it would be a lot of work. I am ready to do this all the time, release new mods and update existing ones, but only if my time is compensated. It seemed to me that the idea of ​​a website and fundraising would be great, but alas, a good start did not last long. Maybe this is just not the case. You should do one thing and stop there, the community is not yet ready for full-fledged crowdfunding. So I was faced with the choice to stop releasing new mods and only occasionally update the old ones for new patches, or find another way. I do not intend to give up, this is primarily wrong with respect to those who invested in the project and I had a plan B.

Even before the creation of the site, I opened the page on Patreon, but did not use it. I believed that everyone should contribute at will and not restrict access to content. Now I understand that it’s better to work for those who really want it. Let patrons decide what to do and when to make it publicly available.Surely you are tormented by the question of how this will work now. There are two ways: open and closed. I'll start with the first, in fact it will be an early access option. I will release updates to my mods and create new ones, but only patrons will be able to use them for one or two weeks. Now I have already prepared the installer, it will help you to install the downloaded mod on your computer in the right folder without any problems, after which you just need to enable it in the launcher. If everything goes smoothly, then I will dwell on this option. Otherwise, you have to go to a closed path. In this case, mods and updates will appear in the incentive only through the goals that I will configure for each mod. All this will depend on the total number of patrons, the more there are, the more mods will become publicly available.


At the moment, I have created three levels of ammo. The first is the easiest, it will open access to files, the second and third are essentially just options for those who really want to support projects. More opportunities will open up for them: participation in planning new projects, my personal help in compatibility settings, and others.While I am still experimenting and in general, I understand the possibilities that Patreon gives. For example, I have already done integration of cartridge levels in Discord, which means that closed channels for cartridges will appear soon. There are a few more ideas that I may be implementing. The first goal at Patreon is to raise funds for New Frontiers. Although this is more of a formality, I will definitely begin to develop the final stage, but I don’t know when it will happen. And when I collect it on a graphics tablet, I will redraw art for the planets and draw new ones (I really want this). In the near future plans are to make updates for Real Space 3.4 and System Scale, which will contain minor fixes and fixes. These updates will be released immediately in Steam, but you will have to wait for major updates of other submods, first they will appear on Patreon.

I hope you will understand with understanding this not very happy news. Well and of course I'm waiting for my patrons!

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