Real Space: Plans for 2021

stellaris 5 - Real Space: Plans for 2021

Happy New Year to everyone! So 2020 ended. It was not an easy, but also not uniquely bad year for me. Much has changed in my life, primarily with the birth of a child. Now I work a lot, including for you and do not plan to slow down, rather the opposite. All year I have been developing my skills and I am ready to admit that I have reached the level of drawing that suits me. I mainly worked on New Frontiers and now I have a better idea of ​​the time spent on the development of all planned projects. So let me tell you what you can expect next year.

First of all, don't expect me to start a new series of mods dealing with the mechanics of empires (First Contact and Living Empire). I'm pretty sure that 2021 won't come to that and I will still continue to develop elements of Real Space. Too much has yet to be done in this direction.

Until about the end of February, I will continue to work closely with New Frontiers. Finally, all the art of the old subclasses will be updated and new planned ones will be added. But this is not the completion of the add-on, I'm just taking a break to release and update other important mods.

I plan to make at least two big updates for Color out of Deep in the spring. I will redraw all skyboxes and add many new ones. We need to bring this mod to a really decent level. It was an experiment, and I see many people really liked it.


Then comes the first major update for Planetary Exploration. Many new deposits will be added, given the new added subclasses. Space deposits will also undergo big changes. This update will not take long, but it is very important for use with the next optional mod.

Finally, after all these preparations, the turn of the mod will come, which I have been planning to create for several years. I have repeatedly referred to this mod in my plans as Planetary Outpost, although the name may change. For those not in the know, this mod will allow you to colonize uninhabited worlds. These will not be colonies in the usual sense, but rather vast specialized stations, bases and outposts. This mod will be broken down into many updates. Initially, it will be possible to establish bases on asteroids and barren worlds, then in the next updates will open ways to base on other planets. The development of this mod will take several months.

The next step, as promised, I will start developing a new terraforming system. The new planetary engineering mechanic will affect all inhabited and uninhabited planets and will be closely related to the New Frontiers and Planetary Outpost add-ons.

After all this, I'll go back to adding new subclasses and events to New Frontiers. In the process of updating, you will also receive other optional mods as well as Real Space.

Tomorrow, January 1, the new 2.1 update for New Frontiers will appear on Steam. Due to the pre-New Year's hassle and household chores, I was a little late with the 2.2 Patreon update, but in the new 2021 I will quickly catch up. Follow the news! Be healthy and happy in the new year! And I wish all of us a new and interesting gaming experience!

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