Regarding nemesis, dlcs, and the current state of stellaris

stellaris 6 - Regarding nemesis, dlcs, and the current state of stellaris

Ok so ive got about 30 hours into nemesis content and ive got to say…

its disappointing…..

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Ai even after all these years is still braindead incompetant in its planet/colony management
  2. past a certain point in the game you WILL not might but WILL become the powerhouse with no one but fallen empires to oppose you.
  3. become the crisis seems…. just why kinda. Yes you are able to become the crisis but its such a slog of barely anything happening and frankly the majority of the bonuses are worthless i.e. Corvettes gain more evasion – actually does nothing cause you already reached the cap probablly, destroyers more tracking – they already get enough to nearly guarantee all hits, cruisers more tankyness – i mean its ok i guess, but then you reach the last tier which forces you into war vs everyone and only then do you get the "fun" options like star eaters and stuff.
  4. and no i dont hope that modders fix this, heres the thing modders do things like this usually for free, and out of a desire to fix/add things. the problem is that i cant expect the devs to keep adding half baked ideas and just "eh the modders will fix it anyways" i never liked this viewpoint nor will i ever support this.
  5. galactic imperium…. man… its just bad… i played a multiplayer game and 2 single player games and in all of them i can safely say that the moment its declared – game over just wait for the time to run out… The crises have to be buffed to the point where you WILL LOSE to offer any sort of challenge as the ai wont do sht still. and if you form it after crises well: you cannot expand, if you purge i hope you like the imperiums disbandment cause they will all oppose you and you WILL NOT be able to counterweigh the opposing imerium votes, authority boosts are mediocre at best, pax galactica DOES ACTUALLY NOTHING
  6. espionage system – purely for mp, ive tried so many times even making an empire focused purely on espionage and what was my reward… nothing just a bunch of waiting, you do not get any systems you at best get minor bonusese and at the end of the day youll still need to blob out to do anything.

over all its a mixed bag of disappointing ideas all around.

there are ways to fix it though :

  • give the imperium a cb or smth that will force submission for a set amount of years or some way of asimilation through diplomacy or smth
  • the devs need to chill with the purging penalties, the moment you start purging pops – YOU CANT STOP not cause you want to but because the galaxy will enter an ego death spiral and WILL FOREVER HATE YOU ticking down by 1 each month when the relations are -300+ you will never enter diplomacy again once you even purge a small colony.
  • crisis – add some stuff in between the tiers cause atm its just grind it out till you reach the last tier AND THEN you get fun stuff. Oh and dont force people to use the garbage pirate ship skin for menacing ships it looks like shit
  • espionage – add more impactful choices like causing an insurrection within a faction, forcing a faction to break off and join you as a vassal state, make some fleets swap sides when war is declared, flip stations to your control to create havoc – stuff like this is both IMPACTFUL AND FUN and not just a small benefit for sitting and doing nothing like we get now.
  • please, for the love of god PLEASE, STOP ADDING NEW MECHANICS. make the next update purely to beef up how the ai works make it better give it smth so it makes smarted decisions dont just buff the resources they get make it smarter if only a small bit. the more mechanics are added the less competant the ai becomes and everyone knows it. im sure everyone will like a massive update purely focused arount the current ai.

if they can just add more things already existing in the game just make it more worthwhile and interesting and beef up the ai stellaris so it can actually be fun. but as it currently stands its somewhat interesting ideas and a half braindead ai incapable of coping without arbitrary resource buffs which will always feel fake and unfair.

i still hold my ground that ancient relics was the best paradox dlc as what it added massively shook the power of certain empires, hey you got an automated warship relic – boom now youre the big dog, ecumenopolis – now its a battle of the fitest to hold and upgrade it, relics – massively shake up how competant your empire actually is. even if its research options getting smth like a special one off weapon felt like yeah i now have smth that no one else has and i can use this to my advantage. THATS FUN.

in all i hope those who read this give me their feedback i want to know how everyone feels about the point ive raised and i wanna see if people agree with any point/sollution raised

have a good day

Necrarch Aeonart

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