Religion needs to be fleshed out.

stellaris 2 - Religion needs to be fleshed out.

TLDR: Actual Religion not just the ethic spiritual.

Maybe I just haven't played enough religious empires to know about some feature, or maybe Im just missing something. Why isn't there the ability to actually spread YOUR RELIGION. Not just spread the religious ethic. Just because two different pops are both religious doesn't mean there the same religion. What about churches that pop up as factions and want different things. Naturally occurring holidays and holy worlds that have a myth or legend behind them. Crusades and federations built on a shared religion. Missionary ships sent far and wide to spread the word of the great zucchini or something. Religious civil wars and un-happines from living with practicers of other religions. A empire creation screen to customize your religion. Certain events take on more meaning for your religion. The only feature I know of that effects this is the diplomatic penalty. Maybe this could be a DLC?

Edit 1: Has anyone here played civ 6, probably. Even something as simple as their religious creation screen. Choose one or two beliefs and a symbol and your done, maybe what your temples look like. You can balance the bonus from beliefs with no generic spiritualist bonus besides the ability to create and spread a religion that has beliefs which give bonuses.

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