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stellaris 2 - Religious Overhaul

One thing that just doesn't make sense in Stellaris is that all spiritualist empires get along, as it really should be the opposite. Each of them is meant to have a different religion, so if anything they should be more competitive, in a similar way to how Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all compete even though they are very similar religions at their core.

This leads to three options (Other than ignoring it and just leaving it):

  1. (The most boring one imho) We make it so that spiritualist empires don't have such strong modifiers, or maybe make them negative, to simulate religious conflict. In fact, we could even have it change almost arbitrarily, making it a bit better.
  2. This one's a lot more middle of the road, and probably the most realistic one to accomplish. If we tie religion to ethics, as in the other, non spiritualist belief (Militarist, Pacifism, Democracy, Autocracy, Xenophobia, Xenophilia) we can have six religions exist. Militarism, Pacifism, Democracy, and Autocracy and Xenophilia would each act similar to each other, where every nation that has one of those traits and spiritualism would have a religion of that ethic, and if it is a nation with two combined, (i.e. a Militarist, Autocratic, Spiritualist empire), there would be a hierarchy of command. Let's just say Militarism and Pacifism on the top, followed by Democracy and Autocracy, with Xenophilia at the bottom. Finally each Xenophobic Spiritualist empire would not have a large religion, as they would be based around that one specific race. This leaves us with five separate galactic religions, and I suggest each religion acts as a quasi independent nation, similar to an enclave. Each religion can start as unreformed, and whichever nation is able to reform it quickest gets that religious capital station in their capital system, a sort of galactic vatican city. These enclaves should be able to call in crusades, and give out demands, and who ever they like the most they can give out favours, such as calling a crusade against your enemy, or giving your resources. I personally think this idea is the best and easiest, primarily because of the third idea.
  3. Finally, in my ideal version of the game, a religious system similar to CK2 would exist. In this perfect version of the game every empire would start with their own religion, and they would compete for galactic influence, with intrigue and politics and so forth. Of course this idea would be crazy, and if this post gets any traction I'll elaborate, but it's probably impossible, so I'll keep it brief at that.

Overall, there is a clear way to improve the religious system in the game, and I really hope that Paradox, after their diplomacy update, could take a look at doing it.

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