Respectfully Imploring the Addition of an In-Game Keybinding/Hotkey Customization Method

stellaris 3 - Respectfully Imploring the Addition of an In-Game Keybinding/Hotkey Customization Method

Hello fellow fans of Stellaris!

I do greatly enjoy this game and all of its content, and just wanted to rekindle the discussion of adding the ability to modify in-game keybindings/hotkeys within the game itself. Searching has led me to believe that this issue has been brought up briefly in the past, but it never really got any traction. It recently became a minor issue for me, so I wanted to bring it up again.

I recently wanted to rebind the hotkeys for opening the galactic map and for decreasing/increasing the in-game speed. These are by default bound to the "m" and "-"/"+" keys respectively. I wished to remap the "m" key to the "`" key, and the "-"/"+" to my pair of side mouse buttons. I felt that this would increase my ability to reach the keys I use most ("1 – 4" and "wasd") often while maintaining a comfortable left hand posture.

Unfortunately, upon researching how to change the keys after not finding a way to do so in-game, I found that doing such a thing within the game was not yet possible. Further research led me to determine that even doing so outside of the game would be both difficult and have methods that were obscure, undocumented. As of yet, I've been unable to find clear instructions on how to achieve my use case, or make significant progress towards achieving it. Both finding where a hotkey is defined within the game's installation's interface files and determining the correct keywords to add to specify a key binding don't appear to be officially documented in an easy to find, accessible manner.


I'd like to respectfully suggest the following to rectify the issue in a manner that solves the most pressing problem quickly, being able to confidently change the keybindings at all:

  1. Releasing official documentation on how to modify existing keybindings, through the game's installation/configuration folders. This would include at least a list of keybindings, where they are defined, and the valid keywords to define them. I would imagine that something like this would already exist internally for development, but if not, such a thing would be very useful to have for both the developers and players.
  2. Building out the ability to change these keybindings from within the game. This could also include the ability to add multiple keybindings for the same button and adding keybindings to actions that don't have a key bound by default.

In my humble opinion this would be an enormous improvement in the game's accessibility. Being able to map the keys to our own tastes is not only important for comfort reasons, but could be extremely important for another player's ability to even play at all, perhaps with an injury or other issues that can hinder one's digital dexterity. As such I would like to kindly ask the development team to make progress towards improving this aspect of this already great game!

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