RETRIEVING LOGS… (Segment 4: Diplomacy)

stellaris 5 - RETRIEVING LOGS... (Segment 4: Diplomacy)

LOG 2462.04.01.AH.IA.OP

<05h 47m 45.38884s, −09° 40′ 10.5777″>



DEL SR: Attention, everyone. I bring news from the front. The Salanid Republic is proud to report the destruction of Hub 02 in the Zeta Centauri system with the help of the United Nations of Earth.

DEL CU: The Calaxian Union would have preferred if the Salanid Republic were to destroy the hub via bombardment so living metal can be harvested from the ruins.

DEL SR: Even though the Republic values long-term benefits, the use of a Colossus is a better alternative. Reinforcements would have arrived long before we could destroy the world through bombardment.

DEL CU: Using your Colossus is also in violation of galactic law! It is prohibited to bring one into existence, let alone active usage!

CHR SIRILA: Decorum! We are not here to discuss economic matters! Salanax, please continue.

DEL SR: Thank you, honorable chair. In addition to this report, the Republic would like to add the establishment of Operation Flashpoint. In short, the Operation aims to dedicate Salanid fleets to Contingency-occupied systems and eliminate all Contingency ships in and around those areas. If anyone would like to join the Republic in this operation, please do not hesitate to do so, as the operation is still in the planning stages. Thank you. The delegate yields his time to the chair.

CHR SIRILA: Thank you, delegate. Is there anyone else who would like to report on actions taken against the Contingency?

CHR SIRILA: Inaris, Parvia, Gamma. Inaris, you may speak.

DEL UIH: Thank you, honorable chair. As everyone may know, the Hierarchy was crippled by the Contingency. Its navy was devastated at the Battle of Cor Caroli, and it has lost several worlds to the Contingency. However, with assistance from Salanax, the United Nations, and the Network, the Hierarchy was able to reclaim several worlds. Unfortunately, Inaris remains in Contingency hands. The Hierarchy is currently trying to muster ground forces in the Gedexus system, but the delegate cannot be certain that the Hierarchy will launch an invasion in the near future as forces are few and Contingency starbases still pose a hazard to interstellar transport. The delegate yields his time to the chair.


CHR SIRILA: Thank you, delegate. Parvian Commune, you may speak.

DEL PC: Thank you, chair. The Parvian Commune is proud to announce that Project Nexus is in full swing, as 3 Gateways have been built in Parvian territory, with 4 more on the way. All Gateways built under Project Nexus are now open to all nations who wish to use them for rapid fleet deployment against the Contingency. The Parvian exclave in the galactic north, as well as the naval base and Gateway there, have also been opened to international use. The Parvian Navy, however, is unable to conduct head-on engagements against the Contingency due to the Commune’s history of placing the people before the military. It will only be able to conduct hit-and-run missions for now. Thank you and the delegate would like to yield his time to the chair.

CHR SIRILA: Thank you delegate. Network Gamma-4, you may speak.

DEL NG4: Acknowledged. Disclaimer: This unit is accompanied by 3 security units instructed to open fire on any Gamma-4 units that have been compromised by the Contingency. The Network is currently attempting to find a way to block any further Contingency intrusions. It is still recovering after heavy losses were inflicted on its Navy after a Contingency intrusion, until the militarization of selected systems is co–m-ple-e-e-e-e-t-e…

DEL NG4: Death to organics.

SECURITY UNIT: As everyone can see, Gamma-4 units can still be compromised. As such, we cannot assist the war effort or risk harming our allies in battle.

CHR SIRILA: In the interest of everyone’s safety, the dais has decided that this meeting is to conclude immediately. All synthetic delegates are to be replaced with organics immediately. If not possible, then the delegation is to attend via hypernet. The chair hereby concludes this conference of the Galactic Community.

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