RETRIEVING LOGS… (Segment 5: Skydive)

stellaris 7 - RETRIEVING LOGS... (Segment 5: Skydive)

LOG 2462.06.12.5TF.8OD.UNE

<14h 44m 59.21746s, +27° 04′ 27.2099″>




GYSGT BUCK: You know the music, it's time to dance!

SGM LANSING: Quiet, Buck. Today's drop site is the planetary capital. Contingency's been beating back Inari and Salanid troops planet-wide and we've been chosen as the relief force. Lots of troops, both friendly and otherwise are being poured into the capital so whether or not it falls can decide if we gain or lose this world, so prepare to drop!

CPL KNOX: 30 seconds!

LTC LANSING: One more thing. There's a storm right above the city but Command still wants us to go through with the drop cause reports are saying our guys on the ground are losing the fight.

SPC BIN SAID: How are we going to compensate for a storm?

CAPT LANSING: We don't. We'll be falling too fast for it to have more than a minor effect on us. Just watch for anti-air fire.

CPL KNOX: And drop!

LTC LANSING: Clear the square!

CPL QUEZON: Enemy foot-mobiles! North street, left side!

PFC ALLEN: I'm hit!

SSG RODRIGUEZ: Reloading! Cover me!

GA CARTER: Lansing, I’m gonna remind you that your primary task is to clear a landing zone for our infantry and armor. Destroy enemy AA batteries nearby if possible. Additional infantry and armor will arrive in an hour. And also, I don’t want any overly risky maneuvers from you like on Indigo. I saved your ass back then, but if something like that happens again, I won’t take the heat.

LTC LANSING: Got it. Everyone, keep your eyes peeled for any Contingency AA in the area.

CW4 YANG: Overwatch established. Providing sniper support, north side.

SFC HICKS: Peel left! Peel left!

CW3 BARRETT: Use the cars for cover!

LCPL NORTH: AA gun! 5 o’clock high!

WO1 WINDSOR: I see it. Rocket out.

MGYSGT LAO: Taking fire! Taking fire!

LCPL NORTH: Sir, we got 1 gun down.

LTC LANSING: Copy, North.

CW4 YANG: AA spotted. Arming explosive rounds.

PFC VYDOROV: Floor clear. I got a clear view of the whole square. Southeast building, watch your fire.

CSM CREST: Frag out!

MGYSGT LAO: Alley clear!

2LT PAULSEN: Woah! Sniper! 10 o’ clock, 5th floor!

SMA JACKSON: Jones is down!

1LT STRILL: Suppressing fire!

SGT WEST: I see another gun! 40 north!

WO1 BRIGGS: We got a Contingency convoy! East of our position!

LTC LANSING: Lao! Aziz! Preznic! Get over there and blow that convoy! Take the heavy ordnance with you!l



PFC AZIZ: Yes, sir.


SSGT HARTMANN: Rocket battery neutralized!

CPL KNOX: All drop pods are out. Merging with the transport fleet.

COL RICHTER: The Salanids tell me they’ve got some Cyclones deploying in a bit. They’re willing to help us out once we’ve thinned out the AA. How many guns are left?

CW4 YANG: Adjusting position!

LTC LANSING: We don't know for sure, but we took down at least 3 of them.

GYSGT HYATT: Another gun bites the dust!

LTC LANSING: At least 4 of them.

COL RICHTER: Then keep it up. Salanid air support means nothing if they're just gonna get shot down. I- woah! I got lotsa tangoes on my end, and I'd appreciate it if you could get your ass over here ASAP!

LTC LANSING: Got it, colonel.

SPC PREZNIC: Oh shit, oh shit! Lieutenant-colonel! The convoy's a full-blown hovertank platoon! Lao and Aziz are down! It's heading your wa-

LTC LANSING: Dammit! Does anyone have a visual on the platoon?

PFC VYDOROV: Negative.


CW4 YANG: I see it! A few of them look like they’ve been damaged a bit, and one looks like it’s on its last legs.

LTC LANSING: What are we up against?


CW4 YANG: Uhh I can see 4 Tigers, 8 Panthers, and uhhh oh shit! A pair of Lions! Y’all are gonna have quite the party!

LTC LANSING: Dammit! Colonel, where’s that air support? We got a tank platoon coming for us!

CW3 PAZZI: Reloading! Cover me!

COL RICHTER: They’re still some distance off. You’re on your own for now.

LTC LANSING: Argh. All snipers, what have you got?

CPL REGIO: Couple mags of AP rounds, not much in the way of explosives or anti-infantry.

PFC VYDOROV: Some smart rounds, uhh some explosives, some incendiaries.

CW4 YANG: Got lots of AP and explosive rounds, but nothing else.

1LT LITINOV: I've only got standard-issue ammo. Some hollow-points, yeah, sure, but not much.

MCPO HARPER: I just have heavy rounds and nothing else.

LTC LANSING: Okay, don't reveal yourselves until the Lions show up. Once they do, hit em with all you've got. West! Sanders! Pick up some launchers and get ready to blow some tanks!

CW2 ZHOU: Falling back!

LTC LANSING: Here they come!

LTC LANSING: There they are! All snipers, you are cleared to fire on the tanks!

CPL REGIO: Copy- wait, I’ve been spotted! Shit, shit, shit, shi-

PFC PEREZ: I’m hit!

SSGT PETROV: I’m under heavy fire! Someone get ‘em off me!

LTC LANSING: West! Where are those rockets?!
CPL SANDERS: West is down, sir!

LTC LANSING: Colonel, where are those planes? We’re getting overrun!

COL RICHTER: They tell me they’re close. Get your asses out of there. They’re doing a strafing run.

LTC LANSING: Thank god! Clear the square! The cavalry’s coming!

LTC LANSING: That’s better. Everyone, move west! We got some friendlies to help.

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