Rework Idea for Fallen Empires

stellaris 7 - Rework Idea for Fallen Empires

I'm gonna split it into two parts, one for the Endgame and one for the Time before.

Endgame: Once the Crisis strikes all Fallen Empires awaken and try to defeat the Crisis. Some more cooperative (Xenophile FEs) than others (Xenophobe FEs). Once the Crisis is over, all but two (the strongest) Awakened Empires will go back to sleep. The two remaining will now start the War in Heaven if it didn't happen already.

Before the Endgame: Increase the demands/missions of Fallen Empires, I guess the community wants it too. And maybe add some new missions, like subjugate an empire of an opposing ethic or turn their ethics. (Both cases would give you the CB, no matter what, unless you are fan. pacifist, in which case you don't get the missions in the first place. Although… Maybe they don't care about your pacifism, like xenophobe FEs…)


Those are just some general thoughts I had, what do you think? What would you add?

I already had some other ideas for new civics and mechanic reworks, if you want to check them out:

Mechanic Rework Idea: End of the Cycle

Have a nice day!


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