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stellaris 7 - Ringworld Origin: Mineral

This has been a long pet peeve of mine ever since that patch where they removed astro-mining bay building as an option on Ringworld. I do not want to wait a long time like we did for autonomous migration (even then that is still gated behind GC law…) before we get something. I was one of those who advocate that manual resettle would be a pain in the rear end when 2.2 dev for machine gestalt came out and that was more than a year and half ago.

I am not going to sit and give you a long lecture on how a civilization with zero planets/asteroid would get their resource and how much there is as that particular subject belong it's own topic. The short story is there is enough iron to build no less two Jupiter's mass equivalent from our in real life sun and there are other useful elements too. If we were to stretch the imagination a bit. You might say a star civilization can harvest a typical yellow star to build two ringworlds.

I digress lets' go back to gameplay. Lets' say for hypothetical sake, that I want to start as any species that consume mineral for food (either machine gestalt or Lithoid or Lithoid with focus on robot slave labor for less mineral upkeep per-population) with the broken Ringworld Origin. Or for hilarious and maximum pain: start as a rogue servitor with pamped Lithoid just because you can.


The only real restriction on the origin itself is that you do not have the agrarian idyll civic. This make sense since idyll get less housing from city districts and would have been really hampered by lack of housing.

Because the ringworld origin start you off with food district which is bad because you are forced to rely on converting food into energy and then a second time into mineral to feed + build. This in effective cut down how much mineral you can get from a food district. At very least let us start with an energy income district if we don't need a food district to mitigate this issue for now.

I know that the release is only a week away and unlikely we will see a change on this front for 2.6. But for love of all that is sacred can we reconsider adding back in astro-bay mining as a district?

I know that food district have 20 jobs and 6 food per job and strategic good upkeep. I don't think it is too game-breaking to have 20 jobs that gives 4 mineral per job and corresponding strategic good upkeep. Because you have 20 population already eating mineral. So you end up with 60 mineral left over. Then you have to convert some of it into building. Some into alloy. Some for mining outpost etc…

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