Rogue Planet Event

stellaris 5 - Rogue Planet Event

I had an idea for a rare event where a planet appears at the edge of one of your systems early in the game. it will move through the system over the course of about a decade before leaving again. It appears to be a tomb world with a de-activated artificial sun orbiting it in the fashion of a moon. The player is presented with 4 options.

1: Do nothing.

2: Knock the artificial sun moon out of orbit and scrap it for parts.

3: Knock the artificial sun moon out of orbit and disassemble it to learn how it works

4: Attempt to repair the artificial sun moon

If option 4 is selected, there are 3 possible outcomes.

1: The scientists fail. Take a bonus to physics and engineering and pick from options 1 through 3

2: The scientists catastrophically fail. The station is destroyed, all scientists die and the planet is rendered molten.

3: The scientists succeed. The planet can now be colonized, though it will still leave the system. Alternatively, you can still choose to go with options 1 through 3. Options 2 and 3's rewards are doubled.

If option 4 results in outcome 3, the planet can be colonised. If the planet leaves the system while colonised, it is removed from the game and a special project is started to develop the technology to be able to stop the planet from drifting and capture it within some other systems gravity well. later in an entirely separate system a part 2 to the event will happen, where the planet re-appears. there's 4 iterations of this.

1: The planet is populated with a mix of pops from both the initial colonising species, and either a newly generated species or a species from one of the in game fallen empires.


2: The planet is populated only with pops from the initial colonising species.

3: The planet is populated only with pops from a newly generated species or a species from one of the in game fallen empires.

4: The planet is empty and the artificial sun moon is broken again.

In all iterations the planet will move through the new system similarly to the first one. If the technology to stop it has been researched, it can be stopped and added to the system. If the technology hasnt been developed, or if the player declines to use it, the planet will leave the system in the same way it did the first time, and will not re-appear. If the planet is stopped, the artificial sun moon will be de-activated and can either be converted into a special defense station with a "solar beam" weapon, or scrapped. The defense station can be moved to other systems by way of a construction ship.

If the planet is stopped in iterations 1-3 it can either be integrated into your current empire , made into its own vassal empire or made into an entirely independent empire. The planet will have developed since the player last saw it, having a layout similar to the capital of an empire equivalent to the players empire built tall in iteration 1, or inferior built tall in iterations 2 and 3.

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