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stellaris 3 - Ruler Job Comparison

So, as I've been playing I've found myself playing with the Aristocratic Elite civic suprisingly often, and after a bit I got curious as to how the ruler jobs (and their civics) compare to each other. So I thought I'd compare and give my two cents. I'm also very curious to see what other people think.

  1. Basic Administrator +3 Unity + 8 Amenities and base 2 -> 3 -> 5, Administrator with no modifiers are primarily about amenities. Amenities are good for stability and happiness. The unity is also Nice. Total Bonuses at max, +15 unity +40 amenities.
  2. Byzantine Bureaucracy No change to Base, but allows for Bureaucratic Complex for + 2 Admin Jobs. There is no limit to The complexes, so lots of unity and amenities. Alongside the Amenity reduction from the civic this helps quite a bit.
  3. Science Director (w/o technocracy)- +5 research, +5 amenities comes in from the Science Institute. This is the easiest option, and it gives both amenities and research. Very nice.
  4. Science Director + Technocracy. Same as base, but you get 1 -> 1 -> 2 jobs from capitol building This means in total you get +9 Unity + 15 science +39. From Capitol Alone.
  5. Exalted Priesthood gives High Priest, +5 unity +5 amenities, and gives 1 -> 2 -> 3 additionally Priests give +1 unity. This ads up to a cozy +21 unity, +31 Amenities from Capitol.
  6. Merchant gives +8 trade value and +5 amenities and comes as 1->2->3 to a total of +24 trade value, +31 amenities and +6 unity. The trade value gain is Massive and can really help elsewhere in your economy.
  7. Nobles give +5 stability and +5 amenities and comes in as 1->1->2 it also comes with it's own building, the noble estates for +1 noble job. This means that you get a total bonus of +10 stability, +31 amenities, +9 unity, with an additional +5 stability and +5 amenities. Overall this is POWERFUL, I'd almost call this the flat best wholly because of the flat stability bonus.
  8. Lastly, Executives replace all administrators if you're a megacorp. They give +5 amenities, +2 unity and +4 trade value. This is more flexible, but arguably the weakest option. In total they would give +10 unity, +25 amenities, +20 trade value.
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So summing up my opinion, with the Basic Admin Being the standard, Science Directors and Nobles are the best options. Science directors give lots of science and, that's just hard to beat. Nobles because of that +5 stability per job (which amounts to less needed amenities, and a +3% resource production across the board.


Below that is Byzantine Bureaucracy. Mostly because the Complex is not limited by planet, but Adimnistrators alone are not that great. The bonus of -10% amenity cost though pushes it up higher.

Next is Merchant, which gives a massive +8 trade value, that is so useful for economic flexibility, but it's not as good as raw stability or science. It also doesn't come with the total replacement of the Megacorps executives.

High priest is about on par with the Administrator. 3 amenities for 1 unity is worth it in my eyes, but only breaks even for me.

Last is Executive. While the Trade value is nice, it's not worth replacing ALL of your administrators and losing the 1 unity and 3 amenities. It does allow for more flexibility, but I don't think it's worth it in the end.

This is just my analysis. What is your thoughts/opinions.

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