Science Ship expansion Possablility for Mid-Late Game Use

stellaris 3 - Science Ship expansion Possablility for Mid-Late Game Use

Science Ship expansion for Mid-Late Game Use

Since science ships are usually useless after mid-game, other than aiding planetary research and debris research. I would like to purpose another use for them.

Instead of instantly knowing everything about the star systems within another empire’s borders(type of habitable planets within, mining/research resources available, etc). Especially if they are hostile to you (fanatic purifiers, rivals, etc). It would make more sense that you need to “confirm” a captured star system, or something similar. Since once you destroy the defending system station, everything within it would be lost or mostly lost(info about that star system/output mining/research resources).

What we see Before full scan:

  • Half of the resources (minerals, research, strategic-if any)
    • (Seen in our territory or other’s territory)
  • Possible small chance for anomalies that the previous system owner overlooked. Once science ship “confirms/surveys” the system
    • (only possible after capturing an enemy star system)

Nothing too game-changing, hopefully not a “forced gameplay” type system. Something that would excite the player for the possibility of new discoveries or similar.

Hyperlanes –

All countries on Earth like to hide as many things about themselves against their “rival countries”. So why not space-faring countries?

Why would a rival, much less a fanatic purifier, give any information about what hyperlanes connect to what star systems.

For example, why would I know that the Horde’s Capital World (Blue arrow) lives in a “star system pocket”, as I haven’t nor my allies have gotten near that pocket.

*Note: the pink arrow is the only discovered way to Horde Capital. Pink “x” means no connected hyper lane there. Blue Arrow = Horde Capital World

Way to Reveal the Hyper lanes:

  • Exploration: Closer you get with ships the more lanes appear like early game exploration.
  • Trading: Trading/buying/selling that information to or from other star empires, be it from the enemy or someone who explored it already.
  • Espionage(DLC?): Stealing star maps or secretly surveying systems.

Enemy Owned Star Systems viewed on Map:

Unlike being 100% sure where hyperlanes goes, you’d be in the complete dark. For example, let's say you want to move your fleet up these four star systems (picture below). Before you can survey/detect those four systems it looks like this.


Logically they should be all connected to each other in a straight line, like how they are claimed. But once you get near them the confirmed hyperlanes popup like this.

Due to this, you might be caught out of place and be unable to conquer these systems; or worse lose a fleet.

Map look without hyperlanes Detected-

Not sure, but it could just be the normal look with hyperlanes turned off. (looks quite beautiful)

Farther out = Less you know

Just an idea, but what if there was a system that forced you to stay in the dark about the rest of the galaxy powers/countries a lot longer. Currently, you can almost instantly see everything on the map and gain communications with ~10 unknown civilizations on the other side randomly. There is no effort in discovering these civilizations or push to want to make any effort in looking for any civilizations.

To stop this type of thinking/playing, a system could be implemented to force people to send out exploration ships to the far-out unknown regions of space. For example, in this star trek map, you can see hundreds of planets in the federation(blue). But in the Klingon Empire(red), the farther away you get from the Federation, the fewer planets are known about.

You of course could buy/trade information about other civilizations from others or hear rumors from traders about them. Leaving the map to look more like this in mid-game.

Just brainstorming. Feel free to take some ideas or add! Love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

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