Scion overview.

stellaris 5 - Scion overview.

I main Scion, mainly in MP games.
And you're reading this hopefully because you want to learn how to play Scion.
Or beat em.

First of all:
"the fuck is scion"
Scion is a orgin, you're a vassal of a FE, which FE? It depends, the game will try it's best to match you with whatever FE fits your ethics/personality/iforgotname. Xenophobe and phile and excluded. Only Materialist and Spirtualist FEs. How does this process work? From what I observed, if there's no FE set to spawn then it will force spawn the one matching your ethics, only the capital.
If one spawns in, and it's the opposite of your ethos, then too bad, so sad, you're the vassal of that FE.
If one spawns in, and it matches, very nice, you can be happy with your FE friend.
Materialist FE is imo, better than spirtualist FE due to the fact it can awaken without any special shit. Spirtualist FE just chills and only awakens if you invade their planet, (Not holy world) or decide
"hehoo me blow up holy world" with collosus, then it decides holy war and fucking destroys whoever blew up holy world.
You get numerous benfits and a few downsides.
You get a gift every atleast 20 years. This ranges from:
A 5-10K FE fleet, battlecrusier and 3 escorts.
3-5k consumer goods
3-5k Alloys
Level 7 FE leader.
Random tech.
This can happen at any year.
No, there is no time requirement.
Yes. You can get a 7k fleet at fucking year 3 if RNJesus blesses you.
Spirtualist Scion with spirtualist FE lets you colonize holy worlds for some reason.
You get a wargoal that lets you "Bring into the Fold" anyone that isn't a scion, making more vassals for your daddy FE. You used to be able to do this, and whoever declares war on you also declares war on FE, and since scions are vassals, anyone the orignal scion "scion'd" will come to defence of FE. but the FE doesn't actually do anything. Devs nerfed this and now whoever declared war only declares war on the target instead of the FE too.
If anyone puts a claim on you then it's also techincally a claim on daddy FE and they get pissed.
If anyone goes to war at you then daddy FE gets a bit angry.
If you're at 60% war exhaust and whoever you're fighting is surperior in fleet, then you get a 10k fleet to save your ass and then leaves.
A FE that likes you and treats you with respect.


No diplomacy, inward perfection is preferable.
You're owned by daddy FE and he might want a leader every now and then.
The fact that your FE dosn't have any meaningful or interesting interactions with you and the developers really missed out on this origin.

"yeah that's cool but how the fuck do i kill them"
Rush them and don't claim unless you very much need to. Claiming makes the FE angry. You don't want to fight a FE and whoever the fuck the Scion made a vassal, do you?
The Scion has to rely mainly on Manipulation of their FE to get them to do something.
Best advice I can offer.

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