Sectors: A Lobotomized Feature That Should Return

stellaris 2 - Sectors: A Lobotomized Feature That Should Return

We have a lot of new players who haven't actually played stellaris pre-rework. If you don't recall playing during the tile-era of the game, you wouldn't quite understand how starkly different the game is. On launch the game was great but incomplete and quite honestly like a whole different game, not many original mechanics actually made it through to the current update (2.8). If you are a pc user I recommend downgrading the game to the legacy version to try it out, you may actually like is simpler systems. While a lot may be missing, you may notice 1 new feature in particular. It's present in the current game, but only in name… sectors

Sectors In Modern Stellaris

In modern stellaris, sectors are a division of your empire that can be set to automate construction on planets. Governors are assigned to a sector and provide their bonuses within the sector's borders (a planet and the neighbouring stars, if I recall). Sectors are geographic regions of space, no more no less. It's simply a way to reduce micro that you likely don't use until you've already beat most the game. Pretty simple, right? Well how did they start?

Sectors In Legacy Stellaris

Sectors in stellaris were empires within empires, you could only control so many systems (called core systems) directly so the rest would be assigned to your sectors. You would only have indirect control, getting to assign focuses, some restrictions, and taxes. They have their own stockpiles to put toward building up their region meaning you would occasionally have to reduce taxes, provide subsidies, and provide systems to help them grow and stabilize your own empire.

Sectors were more than just a way to automate stuff in a larger empire, they were a core feature that made expansion more interesting and thoughtful. It added some degree of internal diplomacy and management instead of making your empire 1 homogenous blob. It was kind of like a simpler vassal system from CK2. Instead of building on this system, it was removed to make way for the new economic system.


What Should Sectors Be In Future Stellaris (IMO)

  • Empire Sprawl should become harsher but only apply to core systems, you can reduce sprawl by assigning them to sectors
  • Sectors should once again have their own economy, governors, and even fleet, all of which you can influence through policies and sector interactions.
  • Sectors have autonomy levels, the less autonomy they have the less Empire Sprawl they reduce. Autonomy decides what control you have over them (economic, over their fleets, etc), max autonomy has the sector become a vassal, min autonomy has it all become core.
  • Sectors have loyalty and can attempt to secede, neighbours can help encourage and fund seccession.
  • Your government type and civics decide a sectors powers, including putting in a candidate for election, influencing factions, voting on policies, etc. Feudal governments have much more autonomous vassals who can control their own fleets and often become vassal states capable of declaring their own wars of expansion and between each other too, are taxed more effectively than other sectors in their position.
  • Many events would take place between a sector and it's empire that help keep the relation dynamic and changing. Perhaps your main farming sector want tax relief because they provide the entire empires grain, perhaps a governor is upset it candidate lost an election.
  • This could add more depth and differences between the authority types, as it is the majority of them play the same but with fewer mechanics. Under this system you could have the core systems switch every election in a democracy depending on which governor is elected, you could have succession crises in a monarchy where 2 major sectors governors think they are the rightful heir, you could have robotic empires build regional copies in each system that may become self aware, xenophobes in the outer sectors viewing themselves as a different subspecies and pushing for independence, and so on. It leave so many possibilities for interesting narratives and gameplay.

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