Sectors are plainly put, bad. Here’s an idea how to improve the management experience.

stellaris 4 - Sectors are plainly put, bad. Here's an idea how to improve the management experience.

I think the game is heading in the right direction, but there are a few quality of life issues that have come up with the recent additions to the game.

Sectors: This one has been complained about a lot. And I have to agree. There is no reason to NOT have them customizable. I can see why they decided to change them to this iteration with 2.2. There are some balance issues with using the old system as-is, and there have to be costs to it to make the system interesting to use. I believe that evne something as mundane as off-loading micromanagement can be gamifyid into something a bit more interesting that complements the planet management part of the game.

However, the current system is just completely awful. Not manageable nor useable in any way. I've struggled to understand nonsensincal sector formation and lackluster options to make them even remotely anywhere near as good as my first three planets usually are. So here's something constructive from me (I usually just complain)

To start: Add back maximum number of sectors, in the same manner as it was originally. Growing with your empire size, but still a hard cap. It's crucial that this is a legitimately limiting factor that becomes a part of the game, but not in a manner that restricts the player too tightly.

Two: Allow customizing sectors, but give sector size a hard cap. Maximum number of total systems connected by hyperlanes. Make it relatively generous, so you can fit on average a few jump's worth of planets into it. This forces the acquisition of more governors. Maybe even add a tech which can increase this cap. Allow free customization at any point, no cost!


Third, allow individual focus for planets. Add more focuses (military, for example) Discourage the AI from building random buildings on those planets (I really don't need an extra civilian industry building on a planet dedicated for farming) I shouldn't have to check up on them often, if it all. I should have confidence that majority of the planet is going to the kind of use I wish for it to have. Account for civics when choosing other buildings.

Fourth, increase governor upkeep costs per planet. If you have a megasystem with 3 planets and 5 habitats, it's almost a sector by itself. This means you have to give more thought on how to build your sectors because you're limited by how many you can have and the cumulative costs to keep them running in optimal conditions. It also means that even most hardcore micromanagers are incentivized to offload some of the work to a sector! (hats off to anyone who's currently managing >20 planets)

And finally, fifth: There's no reason to have EC as a separate resource for sectors. Any negative EC should be taxed directly from the player. However, I think its still a good idea to have a customizable monthly allowance of minerals AND a bulk transfer of minerals to the sector. Also, with the new economy system in place, a sector shouldn't act as a secondary bank for excess resources. This also slightly incentivizes building silos!

This, wrap it up in an interface that clearly tells me what the AI's planning with the planets and I'll happily throw almost every planet into the system and I can finally focus on more areas of the game than just scrolling through the outliner every 20 minutes.

Please tell your ideas and thoughts in the comments! Hopefully we can atleast do some brainstorming for Pdox.

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