Several types of war, economic, diplomatic, civic.

stellaris 8 - Several types of war, economic, diplomatic, civic.

War, war never changes

"Just as there are 5 notes in music, there are a limited number of factors to understand, but through these, can result in an infinite number of stragems" Sun Tzu (paraphrased)

I really like the current updates, and they changed the game for the better, but it could be made ten times better with 3 simple additions.

But first, what is a "successful war" simply put, it accomplishing objectives through the use of military force, in other words, it is entirely possible to win a war without fighting a single battle, or by losing every battle except one, or not even one.

A new economic mapmode

How the hell would an economic map mode help us?

Specifically, it helps us by giving us certain pieces of information

Well, it shows us the share of the economy present in any system. RP wise, everyone in the galaxy would have a general idea about where your dyson sphere or alloy production world is.

And it doesn't take a complete collapse of every part of the economy to defeat a people, if you cannot build ships, that is it, no matter if you own half the galaxy, you need to rebuild everything.

And the AI can then prioritise removing specific sources of industry, say, if there is your energy world right next to your borders, then two other world within striking range of their fleets, they should focus on the second energy world to cripple a certain part of your economy, destabilising it completely.

Or it could cause rebellion on other energy world's, speaking of which

Revamp the crime mechanic, and put it in line with factions, and intrigue

Simple system, you spend influence and resources to get certain populations to revolt, increase crime, and destroy buildings, so now you have even less energy production.

And have stability as a direct result of your power, both naval and army wise.

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Rebellion never happen naturally, and they hardly matter. Why should they? You have spaceships, they can't to anything against you, unless you are loosing the war of course. Then that democratic republic you are fighting could easily spend it's influence to get your subjects to revolt big time.


But now you have 50 corvettes against their megacorps, they have all the money, what could you do to come back?

Cutting planets and fleet off from supply

Expand the current trade system to also encompass goods coming from planets to the nearest starbase for alloys, or capital for minerals and other goods (can be played with a bit) then your corvette strike force can weave in and out of their space, completely cutting their fleet and planets from supply. Yes, they took a couple of your borders world's, but you are besieging their ecunemopolis capital. They have to move all their fleets back to defend.

And of course

Revamp diplomacy

Not listed with the others since almost any change here will improve the mechanics above. It is bound to make wars more interesting.

Maybe we could hire one or two friendly fleets?

Maybe we could promise them some war goals for interfering?

Maybe we could use their shipyards to build ships?

Who knows?

Who doesn't like a little bit of asymmetric warfare.

I could easily see a small but rich power using bought fleets (Not the useless mercenary ones) holding their trade routes open while they use their influence and wealth to cause rebellions to pop up in enemy territory

Optional: wayyy more expensive fleets

Fleets are expensive, not in mothballs obviously. Ships can last centuries in mothballs, but once they are activated, I would see the economy to only last a few years without breaking down the fleets.

The way we would do this is by introducing a mothballs system, massively decreasing the build cost of ships, and by increasing the upkeep cost of ships massively.

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Fleets of corvettes for practice and pirate killing? Done, but if you get that fleet out of mothballs, you better be using it soon. It also gives incentives to Not be in constant war.

Anyways, what do you guys think of this?

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