Should paradox bring back the other FLT methods and maybe add some more?.

stellaris 8 - Should paradox bring back the other FLT methods and maybe add some more?.

Ok so i started playing stellaris after hyperlanes became the only method of FTL travel, which i think is wasted potential because each method of FTL travel could have been unique and interesting if fleshed out.

The warp drive travel method could have been turned into a more Warhammer 40kish method of travel, there would be no hyperlanes and the time it takes to get to a different system could be randomised and after each jump there would be a chance of an event happening. Also the longer the fleet travels (FTL jumping) the higher the chance of the random events occurring.

Some of these events could be:

Unknown Blessing: a random buff is added to the fleet for a limited amount of time.

Unknown Curse: a random debuff is added to the fleet for a limited amount of time.

Unknown horrors: a random but small amount of the fleets ships go missing and some of the other ships get damaged, but the admiral of the fleet gets experience.

Time dilation: the admiral of the fleet ages forwards or backwards a random amount of years (this can lead to the admirals death if he ages above your leader lifespan or if is age gos into the negatives), also the fleet power of that fleet can go down because some of your fleets crew have died of old age, being a negative number of years age, starvation or dehydration.

Duplication: a exact clone of the fleet and its admiral is created, if your empire is xenophobic then the fleets will fight each other.

Dispural: the fleet is dispersed randomly around the star system and must regroup, if a ship appears within a star or planetoid, the ship is lost.

Combination: the entire fleet becomes a single space hulk that has a similar fleet power (higher or lower) as the fleet that created it, you get a special project to retrieve the space hulk with six options, you keep it and it becomes one of your ships, you destroy it, you salvage it for parts , you make it a holy site (spiritualist) and it becomes a lesser planetary object that generates unity, you research it and it generates engineering or you leave it be.

Lost fleet: the fleet is lost forever

Also there could be some unique middle and end game crisis

The middle game crisis could be warp storms that cover a certain area of the galaxy that makes warp travel impossible, also a number of different things could happen to habitable and colonised worlds that are located in the affected area.


Some of these effects could include:

The colony becomes a primitive civilisation (from early space age and lower, including pre-sapients)

Due to time dilation, the residents of a certain planet become a unique species.

A planet becomes an independent civilisation, with a higher or lower tech level.

The world becomes a death world or a barren/frozen world (terraforming candidate).

An entire star system gos missing.

Random members of your species becomes psychic (if your spiritualist or not)

For the end game crises i could see a new end game civilisation that is a mix between the prethoryn scourge and the unbidden (chaos) called warp beasts that turn worlds into warp worlds (demon worlds) and create civil unrest for the psychic races and for each psychic pop on a planet they will use to teleport to a planet to invade, each psychic pop on the planet would generate a army (the pops die in the process).

You wouldn't research better warp drives but instead you would research tech that would give your entire empire an FTL travel speed bonus (navigators) and a middle game research or a ascension perk for the naturally psychic races will allow an empire to create an astronomican on their capital world.

For the wormhole dives there would be no hyper lanes but instead each level of warp drive gives you the ability to jump to further and further away star systems with a single jump, but there would be space time anomalies that would ether slow down the flight or act as a wall that could only be passed with a certain level of warp drive or higher.

Some newly created forms of FTL travel I have in mind could be a method of FTL travel that for each jump you would need to spend a certain amount of a new strategic resource called spice (inspired by dune). also the ability to make FTL in a game impossible but instead a ship could take a minimum of a (ingame) year to get to another system.

What are your ideas on how to make alternative methods of FTL more fleshed out or new ideas of types for FTL within a game of stellaris?. (please note that the hyperlane method of FTL travel would be the default)

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