Slaver Guilds … both best and worst perk of all

stellaris 1 - Slaver Guilds ... both best and worst perk of all

As I'm "re-trying" old races of mine in 2.2 I have also redone my Fanatically Authoritatian / Xenophobe flowers.

Idea is simple: Plusses to Habitability and Breeding, Minus to Experience and Life-length.

A Storm sweeping over the universe in its spring, but fragile and quickly wrinkling in the autumn.

Back in the day they had a Caste-System which I loved.

Going through the Perks I thought "Slaver Guilds" sounds exactly like my Jam, completely oblivious to what I actually signed on.

To recap: It makes your Slaves more awesome! But it also makes it so that 40% of your race is always slaves. No going under that limit.

This … is both awesome and terrible.

Awesome because I'm impatient in nature and that has killed my last 2 plays. I simply built too many buildings too early in the game to make most of my species into specialists, nobody working the mines and farms anymore and my whole empire dying a slow and painful death.

But slaves always remain Workers. So after I colonized a shitload of planets and built a ridicoulus amount of Districts/Buildings, to the point where I started asking myself whether going over the administrative cap by a factor of 12 (~600 / 50) was actually a good thing because now Leaders suddenly cost 1100 Energy, I was doing awesome!

At least I thought so. The downfall began slowly as one planet after another had a declining stability and a rising in crime.

Crimewaves, Gangwars, Drug deaths suddenly everywhere. Anarchy, Slave Uprisings and Violence spread like a wildfire through my Empire and stupid me just build a Noble District and Precincts everywhere.

"That'll show them!", I thought not realizing my error.

It tooks decades of more Violence until I realized that I had built a Police Building, but had no Police Force. Nobody was working the precincts as I had no specialists.

And worse ! Because now I realized why I created so few Alloys! Yes my mines were all working, but barely any of the Alloy Factories had people in it.

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I had Planets with close to 20 Scientist Jobs open and still people Jobless and joined a crimering because they were slaves.


There suddenly was a unique problem which I never had before: My Empire got crushed under the burden of slavery !

Let me repeat that, because this is the Stellaris sub and I too thought this to be a mathematical impossibility before Yesterday:

My Empire had too many Slaves!

I then made a final mistake after realizing my problem. (After frantically searching for an "unslave" Button for Pops for around an hour, finally seeing that Slaver Guilds is the reason for my conundrum)

You can probably see it already, the stupid stupid error of mine that would follow:

I reformed my Government and exchanged slaver Guilds with something else.

A Massive shift flew through my empire. Billions of Pops were suddenly free. Free from the mines and the endless farmwork. Free to move into the cities and pursue their own hopes and dreams. Only the filthy Xenos remaining in the dirty work.

Crime was eliminated almost instantly across the stars.

A new wave of technologies were gained within the first few years.

Trade, Consumer Goods and Amenities flooded on all planets.

The crops died as noone tended them.

The Mineral mines laid still.

Hunger arrived fast, although a crisis could be averted for now thanks to the glactic market.

Then the Alloy Factories stopped getting resupplied.

Next the Factories for Consumer Goods.

Hoping to stop the worst, I stopped all Factories. Massive Layoffs everywhere. What should have been a new era became the worst unemployment crisis my empire had ever seen. And with unemployment … Crime started again … bringing me full circle to the original problem I sought to fix a few decades earlier.

I'm slowly working myself out of this slump. Restarting the Factories one every few years. Fighting Crime everywhere. Buying more slaves for the mines from the market.

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In a way … my flowers just lived through their first winter. Laying Dormant in the emptiness of space. Waiting. Waiting for a new spring.

(Fu*k and/or Yeah) Slaver Guilds!

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