Small Tips for 2.2

stellaris 4 - Small Tips for 2.2

This thread is meant to post / share small tips for 2.2 that simply improve your gameplay.

I'll start:

  • You can increase / decrease priority of your pop jobs on each individual planet. Most of the time, this is subjective, but it's almost always better to have 1 or 2 Enforcer jobs turned off, as it's unnecessary specialist bloat you won't need if your crime is already at 0%.
  • Increasing living standards above "Decent" is almost never good, although there are circumstances where it's free happiness: specialist pops don't have increased maintenance at Social Welfare, but get more happiness. To get the most out of this: gene mod a unique template onto your highly populated forge worlds (where all jobs are specialist jobs), then set their (and only their) living standards to Social Welfare. You'll get a free 4-5% boost to those worlds.
  • When industrializing your economy, it's very important not to run under +100 minerals/month. This is surprisingly easy to do with the true cost of certain buildings. Thus, it's useful to know the true cost of everything in minerals. The following are approximations, and don't consider high detail consumer goods upkeep / energy upkeep, etc.:


  • Worker jobs (although varied) can be considered 4 minerals / month, although they get significantly better later. This sill subsequently increase the opportunity cost of specialist pops, although bonuses to their productivity should scale as well. Thus, I'll only list the base values:
  • Exotic resources (motes/crystals/gas) are worth 5 minerals / month each PLUS half of a worker job -> 7 minerals / month.
  • Refiners (which produce 2 of an exotic) are worth 10 minerals / month each PLUS a worker job -> 14 minerals / month.
  • Consumer goods are worth 1 mineral / month each PLUS a sixth of a worker job PLUS one sixtieth of a refinery -> 2 minerals / month
  • Alloys are worth 3 minerals / month each PLUS half of a worker job PLUS a twentieth of a refinery -> 6 minerals / month
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As concerns buildings:

  • Tier 1 Factories are worth 12 minerals / month each PLUS two worker jobs -> 20 minerals / month. Output: 4 alloys / month, or 12 consumer goods / month.
  • Tier 2 Factories are worth 30 minerals / month each PLUS five worker jobs PLUS 1 exotic -> 57 minerals / month. Output: 10 alloys / month, or 30 consumer goods / month.
  • Tier 3 Buildings are worth 60 minerals / month each PLUS ten worker jobs PLUS 2 exotics -> 114 minerals / month. Output: 20 alloys / month, or 60 consumer goods / month.
  • Gene clinics are worth 2 consumer goods / month PLUS two worker jobs -> 10 minerals / month.
  • Temples / Autocthons are worth 4 consumer goods / month PLUS two worker jobs -> 16 minerals / month.
  • Tier 2 Resource booster buildings are worth 1 exotic, which is worth 5 minerals / month and half a worker job. You get an extra worker job, so it's true value is an extra half worker job and 10%. As long as half a worker job + 10% worker yields is better than 5 minerals / month, this is always an improvement.
  • Tier 1 Research Labs are worth 4 consumer goods / month PLUS two worker jobs -> 16 minerals / month.
  • Tier 2 Research Labs are worth 10 consumer goods / month PLUS five worker jobs PLUS 1 exotic -> 47 minerals / month.
  • Tier 3 Research Labs are worth 20 consumer goods / month PLUS ten worker jobs PLUS 2 exotics -> 94 minerals / month.


  • Upgrading factories is the cost between the two values, and the most likely mistake you'll make to crash your economy if it's not ready. The cost of upgrades is:
  • From tier 1 to tier 2 factories: 37 minerals / month.
  • From tier 2 to tier 3 factories: 57 minerals / month.
  • From tier 1 to tier 2 research labs: 31 minerals / month.
  • From tier 2 to tier 3 research labs: 47 minerals / month.


For a simple heuristic from this, it's:

Tier 1 buildings: 20 minerals / month. (+2 jobs)

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Tier 2 building upgrades: 35 minerals / month. (+3 jobs)

Tier 3 building upgrades: 50 minerals / month. (+5 jobs)

Or even more roughly / memorable:

+1 Alloy/Research Job in Upgrades: 10 minerals / month.


What tips do you guys have for better play in 2.2?


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