So, the modding community is trying its best and they don’t have the tools they need to succeed.

stellaris 4 - So, the modding community is trying its best and they don't have the tools they need to succeed.

First off, the modding community here is vibrant and awesome. I'm really happy people spend time making all sorts of cool mods that fundamentally change how the game is played. It adds replay-ability to the game, and I'm very happy that there are individuals out there who spend the time to create things they think would benefit the game and make those modifications public so other people can enjoy them.

But there's a problem, and to be fair it's not the worst problem that the Stellaris community can have but I've been finding it very difficult to literally just find mods that work.

On the front page it's actually pretty good at making sure that the mods in front of you are going to function, the mod creators have made sure to try to tag their mod name or thumbnail with the actual version number. But, this breaks down really quickly once you start doing more than perusing through popular mods.

As you can see, I tried to look up something that would fairly commonly searched for, and in the first nine answers I literally only had two that actually stated what version they're for. It's important because there were some major changes between 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 in regard to mega structures. I don't necessarily feel that every single mod creator should be forced to label their mods, a lot of people keep updating their mods every time a new version or opt-in beta patch comes up and it may not even be practical to expect them to design a brand new thumbnail every time a new version comes out. But as it stands, I had to click on every single mod there just to see what's inside in case the mod version was in the description.

This isn't really well organized, and it's a fundamental flaw with the way that the workshop has been set up in the first place. To simplify, I just wanted to explain that there are more elegant ways to fix this entirely.

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This isn't a comparison to Rimworld as far as game quality goes, this is just merely to show that other games with a vibrant modding community have found a very elegant solution to this in the form of mod version tagging. I wanted people to be aware that it's possible for this to be done if the framework is set up. This would allow people to look up mods for their game with the specific version number in mind and find a search result that isn't filled with things that they don't know will work or not.

I hope people don't see this is as an attack or a demand. I just wanted to voice my concern and frustration in a way that's clear and rather than just say "I don't like, it's dumb" actually offer a solution that really isn't too intrusive and doesn't ask a lot of its users to use.

Please feel free to offer criticism if you think it's beneficial, I want to hear peoples opinions and ideas on if other people have this issue as well and if they can perhaps offer an ever better solution.


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