Some love for Stellaris in form of crisis ideas

stellaris 8 - Some love for Stellaris in form of crisis ideas

Hey there,

I'm a huge fan of Stellaris and got a little creative regarding new fun endgame crises.

1. The Time Police

An invasion fleet from the future makes an attempt to prevent some mistakes the galactic powers will make in the future (by trying to erase them from history of course). They sport a special Colossus (followed and protected by a Juggernaut) with a unique weapon which reverts a planet's civilization back to the stone age.

Reverse-engineering the TP's tech rewards a revolutionary jump drive with half the regular cooldown and only 1/3 of the negative effects of jumping WHICH THEY THEMSELVES MAKE USE OF ALL THE TIME and which makes them really scary and upredictable. Also destroying the TP's special colossus and scanning the debris rewards its special time-reversal beam as a research option.

This event gets more likely to happen the faster the technology levels of all civilizations in the galaxy rise (fallen empires excluded) which results in "more science equals more risk of an earlier crisis".

The TP's ships are equipped with really strong anti-shield weaponry and are nearly all armor and hull (lore explanation: in the future excessive shield usage has proven to be only a shortlived trend of the past). If they control 50% of the galaxy a second Time Police spawns, battling the first one, revealing that the first TP is actually a radical splinter faction of the real one. Under normal circumstances the (second, real) Time Police behaves mostly uninvasive and only appears if the timeline is threatened. By intervening with the timeline the radical faction (=the crisis faction) has violated the timeline protection laws and needs to be hunted down.

2. The New We

An intergalactic genemodding extremist uprising takes place after a few warning signs, which, pretty much like the robotic uprising event but more powerful, takes half of EVERY ORGANIC SPECIES' planets AND systems away at random and generates enemy fleets on the same base the robo uprising does. The New We always have Gestalt Consciousness but randomly choose their admiral and general portraits from the pool of existing organic species (just a nice little detail there).

Genemodders have special, crazily strong admirals and generals with unique and overpowered fleet bonuses. Their ships however are of the same technological level as the highest non-fallen empire had at the start of the crisis. If they conquer a system, nearly all planets with the only exception of worlds with a minimum of 1k defensive army strength will INSTANTLY surrender and all of the pops will get assimilated into the hive mind over time. Ground armies are always gene warriors.

Rewards: a) a special technology which lets newly hired level 1 admirals and generals always start with 2 traits and makes them immortal, b) unlocks gene warrior tech even if evolutionary mastery path isn't chosen, and c) a special war doctrine which gives an additional +10 hit chance. If they manage taking 66% of all of the planets they split into 3 different hive minds also battling and trying to assimilate each other.


And my most diabolical creation yet:

3. The Biosphere

A gigantic sphere-like, "wobbling" organism starts to appear and consume most of the organic and non-organic material it finds, including station, planets, habitats, even megastructures – this process takes a bit of time to give empires the chance to intervene (let's say a year per space station and three years per every single planet and megastructure). It starts with a single 500k fleet (at 1x crisis strength) of battle ship sized round "blobs" in a random system and moves rather slowly (sublight speed) but every time it takes a system it gains a new fleet. The strength of those newly generated fleets depends on the size of the space station consumed, the number of defense platforms, and the number of mining stations a system had. If the system contains planets the Biosphere DOUBLES the power of the fleet responsible for taking the system per planet consumed, therefore this crisis faction has no ground armies. The crux of the Biosphere event is: even if systems are retaken they remain "dead systems" with no resources or planets left in them, except their star(s).

Biosphere "blobs" are only made of hull but tons and tons of it, also weapons which normally deal bonus damage to hull don't do so against the Biosphere. Additionally their organic weapons ignore shields but – and this is important – are mostly medium ranged.

Rewards are a) a special hull booster (utility slot) which completely negates the damage bonuses that certain weapons do to hull, and b) a unique organic defense platform to be built which is as strong as an Ion Cannon but medium ranged and only takes up one building slot for a defense platform.

If the crisis succeeds to "eat" 33% of all systems the Neo-Dessanu will appear out of a previously unknown system (which can only be entered through an L-Gate), admitting that the organism is (yet another) failed experiment of theirs – then start to support the galactic community in defeating it (and also fight any Grey Tempest forces they come across as well). The Neo-Dessanu home system can only be taken by force from them. The player can declare war on the ND at any time, even during the endgame crisis, but the system is as well defended as the Contingency main core but gives its conqueror 3 gaia worlds, 2 fully upgraded habitat worlds and a complete Science Nexus. Like with the Grey Tempest, Neo-Dessanu tech can not be reverse engineered since their fleets leave no debris. Attacking the ND can be very dangerous since they have spawn rates like a regular crisis faction as long as the Biosphere is on the field.

WARNING: The Biosphere crisis is designed to get horribly out of hand if uncontested for too long since every lost system strips the galaxy of resources!

Hope you (and Paradox) like my ideas. 🙂 Be safe out there!

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